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Posted 3. October 2012

After almost 3 years of silence you can download the latest trunk revisions again.

Article is written by Tamás KOSÁRSZKY.

Download information

Standalone Installer package:

Bootable ISO image, installer and binaries:

Sources: Chameleon-2.1-r2069.src.tar.gz

Credits goes to all developers who are involved!

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  1. Lumia · 4. October 2012, 14:05 · #

    That’s amazing! I’m working on Hackintosh those days with Chameleon’s help. It’s really helpful for me!

  2. Yadro · 4. October 2012, 22:37 · #


  3. sen · 6. October 2012, 01:01 · #

    really nice ,thank you verymuch

  4. Madan Singh · 18. October 2012, 19:06 · #

    Hi Tamas,
    You must have observed that with many old (real) Mac pro users trying to install OSX 10.8 on unsupported Macs, such users have become a fresh group of users for your bootloader. But, we have a problem: on boot, we get a fixed hardware UUID. This is not same as the Mac’s real UUID (which we can see by booting using a supported OSX version); nor can it be set to the real UUID by using SMsystemid string within smbios (I tried a few builds of r2.1). This causes problems where are licenses are authorised against the real UUID. Could you pls see if this UUID can be overwritten using smbios plist file or Chameleon can query and use the actual UUID from real Mac hardware. Many thanks, Madan

  5. Linda · 20. October 2012, 03:40 · #

    Wonderful job. Thanks a lot. BTW, the link of is mistakenly pointed to the

  6. NickB · 22. October 2012, 21:40 · #

    After installing this new chameleon bootloader my lion install wont boot anymore. It’s stuck on the boot screen. Keyboard is responsive but it wont boot. If i boot in verbose mode, it just stays on the loading pci configuration message! Any help please??

  7. sti · 23. October 2012, 00:44 · #

    Hi Madan, have you made any progress on your issue?

  8. BigPoppa · 23. October 2012, 02:15 · #

    If not able to boot, delete modules folder and try again.

  9. meklort · 31. October 2012, 06:53 · #


    Please submit a feature request at

  10. Nataliya · 15. December 2012, 09:44 · #

    Большое спасибо! Самый лучший загрузчик- это Ваш Chameleon ! Удачи Вам!

  11. 沈 · 1. January 2013, 17:10 · #


  12. Vainakh · 7. January 2013, 08:22 · #

    Thank u!!!
    Chameleon is the BEST!!!

  13. Bryan · 23. January 2013, 23:31 · #

    To download the .pkg use this url instead as the fileID is incorrect in the current link:

  14. Henk · 31. January 2013, 23:56 · #

    When i try to run your bootloader it gets stuck on “BootCache: hit rate below threshold (1615 hits on 3231 lookups)”. This is right of the bat after a fresh install no custom kext whatsoever on the machine.

    Any thoughts?

  15. 不知道 · 20. February 2013, 08:08 · #


  16. bisk · 4. March 2013, 05:24 · #

    This r2069 version corrupts my boot drive from time to time, forcing me to recreate it with Disk Utility/Migration Assistant.

    Here is a description of what happens …

    I will have a freshly built boot disk which needs a bootloader installed connected as an external USB drive. I run the installer from this page, aiming it at the USB mounted drive. The install runs about 2/3 of the way through, mounts the EFI partition on my desktop and then promptly gets stuck @ “Running installer scripts”. At this point I get a spinning wheel and I can only cold boot my system.

    After this, my system will no longer boot to a logon screen. It just gets stuck at the white, empty screen w/active cursor.

    The mounted USB drive was successfully made bootable but my host machine is hosed. This has happened to me with this installer about 6-8 times on 3 different host machines each running a different version of OS X, Snow Leo, Lion and Mountain Lion.

    I have been using these Chameleon installers for a couple years and have never seen this happen before.

    Nasty !

  17. Nulde · 20. March 2013, 14:57 · #

    Is anybody can fix in chameleon 2.1 /boot file “not enough space to restore image” bug ?


  18. _mur_ · 23. March 2013, 12:51 · #

    asus x55c – installati 10 gb ; rilevati 3,50 gb!
    soluzioni ?

  19. _mur_ · 23. March 2013, 12:52 · #

    asus x55c – installed 10 gb, 3.50 gb detected!

  20. Rob · 4. April 2013, 20:10 · #

    your link “” (Alternatively you can click here to download the requested file.) points to “”

  21. Jess · 15. April 2013, 07:00 · #

    why does the package link download the ISO. helpp!

  22. Adrian M · 21. April 2013, 13:51 · #

    Hello. I installed by mistake “Chameleon-2.1-r2069.pkg” on my MacBook Pro Retina 15. “What I have to do or uninstall to restautar the system?
    Would eliminate the root directory with the files “folder and file chameleon.Boot Boot”?

  23. ZenCoder · 9. May 2013, 18:01 · #

    Hi. I use this solution for overclocking and i have some questions about it.

    - Busratio flag works with no changes? – Where is a limit of cpu frequency; – Multiplier is deprecated? – How can i fix bus speed.

    I look this stats in CPU-X interface after boot with overclocking settings in chameleon plist and i have some questions aboot overclocking internal Intel HD2000.

    I have hot CPU, Memory and bus, but my HD2000 is stupid ): How can i fire it?

    … And display rates … Now i change it to 120 Gz : no changes :D

    Is all of it works?

    How can I dump and firmware image flash in my UEFI from chameleon )))))) ?

    TNX … many questions eat my brain :D

  24. cong nghe · 7. August 2013, 18:22 · #

    Is anybody can fix in chameleon 2.1 /boot file “not enough space to restore image” bug ?


  25. Quinn · 19. November 2013, 00:36 · #

    I was wondering if this is made for only Windows or if you can use it on a Mac. I am new to this boot loader and I am a little confused on the topic.

  26. macguy · 21. November 2013, 00:57 · #

    is there any update coming for system serial read possible?

  27. PhantomP · 25. December 2013, 08:59 · #

    Hello I m using chameleon 2.1 in my HP Probook 4530s and it flashes the time of 30 second of selection i dont want that time window. is there any method to remove that and show the disk at the start up directly..?

  28. Shri · 5. January 2014, 12:17 · #


    i used & write usb with gburn but only windows NTFS hard dives detected not showing usb and cd-rom/dvd whats wrong i used windows xp asus motherboard P8H77-V sata select ahci mode, i3, 4gb ram, i wnat to install mac maverick or line/snowleopard


  29. r2d2 · 28. March 2014, 00:51 · #

    Hi, I used chameleon 2 rc2 r640 instead of the newest one, and then
    I didnt get a black screen on my dell inspiron 9400 with nvidia go 7900 gs – this card exists in two revisions. I also have higher resolution than before, though no qe ce it seems as this isnt even mentioned in system profiler, system preferences says 1280×1024 though, my screen is really 1900×1200 and the pixels are a bit blurry as image is scaled.

    with latest chameleon – screen goes black.

    Can you guys give me sources of chameleon 2 rc2 r640, as there is no such functional source on site? please mail to

    best regards,

    r2d2 – human robot ;)

  30. r2d2 · 28. March 2014, 01:02 · #

    Used chameleon iso – old one for swappin discs – then I used retail snow leopard 10.6.3 disc as that was the only one I had available, and edited pid and vid to be 0×029810de&0xfff0ffff
    and added voodotscsync. and voodoohda

    rest worked out of the box, I had display all the time even before the edit. new chameleon always gave black screen, so in that one I could not have graphics enabler on even – that only works in r640.


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  37. usama khan · 22. March 2015, 14:21 · #

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  39. RAJU · 26. August 2016, 05:25 · #

    Hi. I need chameleon v2.2 r2463. Please help me friends if have that iso.

  40. Tai tho · 11. October 2018, 20:15 · #

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  312. Harvey · 3. February 2022, 15:05 · #

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  516. Alphonse · 3. February 2022, 15:45 · #

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  531. Charlotte · 3. February 2022, 15:48 · #

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  538. Sammie · 3. February 2022, 15:49 · #

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  552. Delbert · 3. February 2022, 15:51 · #

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  555. Derrick · 3. February 2022, 15:55 · #

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  556. Grant · 3. February 2022, 15:55 · #

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  557. Wilmer · 3. February 2022, 15:55 · #

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  561. Douglas · 3. February 2022, 15:55 · #

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  675. Amber · 3. February 2022, 16:19 · #

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  685. Refugio · 3. February 2022, 16:19 · #

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  692. Wilfred · 3. February 2022, 16:20 · #

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  705. Reginald · 3. February 2022, 16:25 · #

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  716. Sammie · 3. February 2022, 16:26 · #

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  718. Courtney · 3. February 2022, 16:26 · #

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  719. Rickey · 3. February 2022, 16:30 · #

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  847. Cleveland · 3. February 2022, 16:52 · #

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  863. Layla · 3. February 2022, 16:56 · #

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  864. Jayson · 3. February 2022, 16:56 · #

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  865. Gerald · 3. February 2022, 16:56 · #

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  866. Clyde · 3. February 2022, 16:56 · #

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  870. Ervin · 3. February 2022, 17:02 · #

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  885. Brooke · 3. February 2022, 17:02 · #

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  886. Gracie · 3. February 2022, 17:02 · #

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  887. Roberto · 3. February 2022, 17:02 · #

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share. Whether or not she will resent me in the future, time will tell. My role now is to be a good role model for her. It shouldn’t stop you from leading a normal life.”

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  1323. Buford · 3. February 2022, 18:34 · #

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  1337. Tracy · 3. February 2022, 18:39 · #

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  1357. Jimmy · 3. February 2022, 18:39 · #

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