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Posted 11. April 2009

Voodoo Team proudly presents VoodooPS2Controller.

Article is written by Tamás KOSÁRSZKY.


- No need for ACPIPS2Nub. Delete it before installing this or you’ll get a kernel panic – Loadable from /Extra/Extensions.mkext – 102-key keyboard support – support for mixed usb/ps2 configurations – Resolution fix for PS2mouse (set ForceDefaultResolution to true in Contents/Plugins/VoodooPS2Mouse.kext/Info.plist to activate) – Support for scrolling on ALPS (untested) – Support for Sentelic touchpad (untested) – Advanced Synaptics touchpad. All kinds of scrolling known to humanity including multi-finger and side scrolling


You can get the installer package here: VoodooPS2Controller-0.98-installer.pkg


We’re waiting for your feedback here:


Just install as any kext with kexthelper or add it to /Extra/Extensions.mkext


Many features may be controlled using Apples Preference Pane
For more configuration you may want to have a look at
and at IOKitPersonalities/Synaptics Touchpad/Configuration node.
The same settings are also available through dedicated panel (optional)


Package: kalyway
VoodooPS2Controller (core): turbo
Resolution fix for PS2Mouse: mackerintel
Synaptics driver: mackerintel
Sentelic Driver: nhand42
Alps driver: phb
Keyboard fixes: Chunnan & jape
Synaptics Prefpane design: bumby
Synpatics Prefpane: mackerintel

Great thanks to Dense for helping with activating vanilla trackpad prefpane

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  1. Ankush Gupta · 11. April 2009, 02:46 · #


  2. testos · 11. April 2009, 05:03 · #

    works great with synaptics trackpad, many thanks.
    but sometime my trackpad cannot move, until I reboot the system.

  3. Acid7711 · 11. April 2009, 05:10 · #

    I would love to get this to work, unfortunately, when I install this, no matter what options I choose to install with, upon reboot the mouse pad (laptop trackpad) does not work. External USB mouse works. The biggest problem however is that it acts like I have a stuck key. Booting with verbose shows TONS of @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@‘s being loaded and typed. I can’t type anything into anything on the screen or I get something like a stuck key syndrome.

    I was really looking forward to this finally giving me scrolling abilities on my touchpad. I hope I can sort this out :(

  4. SMed · 11. April 2009, 05:40 · #

    need desperately to uninstall VoodooPS2Controller-0.98-installer.pkg

  5. maselko · 11. April 2009, 10:19 · #

    do I have to remove ApplePS2Controller before installing this? I didn’t, and I had a KP on reboot. is it caused by the conflict with ApplePS2Controller.kext or something else?

  6. zef · 11. April 2009, 11:40 · #

    Guys, pls visit our forum to post your experience, issues about VoodooPS2Controller.

    Cya there! :)

  7. roal2488 · 16. April 2009, 16:08 · #

    Awsome! great job!

  8. hnak · 23. April 2009, 00:23 · #

    PS2 scancode 0×29’s ADB virtual scancode is defined as 0×0a in ApplePS2ToADBMap.h.
    However, it generates incorrect character code with US/US Extended key map at least in my 104 key. It is supposed to generate “`” but “§”.
    I changed the corresponding table value to 0×32 and built, then it works as expected.
    Is it related to US-European key difference ?

  9. Gujal · 24. April 2009, 04:07 · #

    Works perfect on a clean Retail install (munky method). No need for ACPIPS2NUB or ApplePS2Controller
    Just used VoodooPS2Controller in the EFI partition and it works perfectly for PS2 Keyboard and PS2 Mouse combination.

    Thanks a lot guys

  10. TWR · 28. April 2009, 09:48 · #

    I’m facing a strange issue : everything’s working very well with VPS2C in S/L/E/, but mouse isn’t working anymore when I put it into /E/E/ (actually, the same happens with APS2C and ACPIPS2Nub, both working very well too while sitting in S/L/E/, as an AppleACPIPlatform plugin for the first one ; BTW I tryed to put this plugged kext into /E/E with APS2C and the same issue happens …)
    Could this mess be related to my mouse (basic logitech optical) being an USB one, plugged into PS2 mouse mobo port due to a USB-PS2 converter ??
    It may sound cosmetic, but without this issue, I’d get a totally retail 10.5.6 install …
    Thanks by advance for any help.

    My rig : Asrock 945G-DVI ; E6300 C2D ; 3 Go DDR2 667 SDRAM ; Geforce 7600 GT PCIE 256 Mo ; PATA & SATA HDs ; DSDT.aml + Gfx for Graphic card & Ethernet / TM fix, all working fine ; PCEFI-Chameleon boot_v9.

  11. TWR · 28. April 2009, 11:37 · #

    I solved the problem by adding vanilla System.kext alongside VoodooPS2 (remembering AppleSMBIOSEFI in /E/E/ requisit …)

  12. TWR · 28. April 2009, 11:46 · #

    Sorry for all this posts … this is the last one.

    In fact the issue wasn’t solved by adding vanilla System.kext to /E/E/ : I also changed PS2Keyboard and PS2Mouse plugin kext OSBundleRequired flag to Console instead of Safe Boot … might have done the trick it seems …

  13. broken · 30. April 2009, 08:39 · #

    AWESOME!!! didn’t even have to reboot for this to start my touchpad. lost all mouse/keyboard after upgrading kalyway 10.5.2 to 10.5.6 – this was the quickest/easiest fix around

  14. Dachpy Arvile · 8. May 2009, 07:34 · #

    Works great!!! I am grateful for kext that replaces the old ApplePS2Controller kext. When I first installed this I got a KP but could not find ACPIPS2Nub. I saw that it was still running but it was nowhere to be seen. Kextcached the folders, removed the mkext and still it was there.

    I searched for it and found it hidden in a patched AppleACPIPlatform.kext. I deleted that, did all the same again, rebooted and I had joy with my keyboard but no joy with the mouse. I pulled the patched kext out and ran a clean install off a retail 10.5.6 DVD rather than using a hacked DVD I downloaded last year. Installation went fairly well using the USB-stick method (somewhat modified to make it work with my older P4 system).

    Made some modifications so that the entire system was vanilla except the Kernel and my injectors but still no joy on the mouse.

    Finally, I looked inside the package and noted that the keyboard was required for Console while the mouse was set for Safe Boot. I changed the PS2Mouse plugin’s plist’s OSBundleRequired flag to Console instead of Safe Boot and had joy with my PS2 mouse and keyboard both in all GUI modes!

    Needless to say it was nice having a system now set up that would not be broken by system updates and with all vanilla kexts running with the exceptions of a few injectors of others’ and my own creation.

    HP Media Center PC m1050y; ASUS PTGD1-LA/Puffer-UL8E; 2GB DDR2 RAM, 800MHz frontside bus; ; SATA HDD, Intel Pentium 4 560 3.6GHz Prescott processor w/ HT, ATI HD 2400PRO 256 MB PCIe; etc.

  15. yoyo · 10. May 2009, 16:57 · #

    i there any way to install it on tiger 10.4.8 i have a very old laptop with 256mb ram and gma900 gfx. i can’t run leopard…. jas 10.4.8 is working very much fine on it except i have to choose between scroll/tapping ….. i want fix this and need voodoo ps2 …… please reply …….

  16. dan · 18. May 2009, 03:41 · #

    I have a HP DV 1000, and i coulden’t get the Trackpad and keyboard to work UNTIL i reached this page !!!
    Installed VoodooPS2Controller-0.98-installer.pkg from above.
    Worked like a charm and did not have to restart my Hackintosh either!!
    Now i have my Trackpad AND keyboard working.
    BTW it’s a Synaptics Trackpad. THANK YOU VOODOO TEAM !!

  17. eliquel · 21. May 2009, 10:51 · #

    Amazing job! REAL TWO FINGER SCROLLING. Be sure to donate to these guys, they are making OSX86 perfect.

  18. jakerrulz · 6. July 2009, 23:19 · #

    amazing!!! i would only add that u should also follow sam2x’s instructions (,257.msg872.html#msg872) to avoid kernel panics. And the prefpane options are a bit confuzing….a manual would be helpful, as i have no clue what the dimensions options do.

  19. swoosch · 31. August 2009, 12:54 · #

    When i try this my keyboard just goes nuts… i dont even have a chance to login before it puts in junk in every field =) it sounds like drrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…hehe

    I have deleted the acpips2nub … any ideas ?
    im running a hp6910p with 10.5.8 on it…

  20. marrioo · 1. September 2009, 06:52 · #

    Thanks guys works like a good dream…works so well i just can’t believe it. Zoom! Scrolling! Two finger scrolling! Tap Click! WOW!

    Running 10.5.8 on
    Toshiba Satellite L505-s5971
    Intel Core 2 Duo T6400
    4 GB SDRAM, 250 HDD
    15.6” TruBrite Widescreen Display

    Thanks Thanks!

    Using Chameleon rc2

  21. Augusto · 11. September 2009, 00:49 · #


  22. ixify · 14. September 2009, 21:35 · #

    Thanks guys for this work. It works like a champ.

    I am running Thinkpad T61 and the most important thing for me is trackpoint (ultranav) is there any way to make that work I installed iATKOS 10.5.8 and it worked in the installer but not after

    Please help


  23. cowgirl99 · 3. October 2009, 03:26 · #

    2IXIFY: I have ThinkPad X60 and my TrackPoint works well with AppleACPIPS2Nub and ApplePS2Controller kexts.

  24. ixify · 28. October 2009, 02:07 · #

    Thanks CowGirl99. I make it works but it doesn’t work everytime I boot. I have to reboot with -f to make it works…

    What would be solution to this, anyone?


  25. Osx86 build · 6. November 2009, 21:07 · #

    Noooooo! @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
    no mouse ,no keyboard, cant come back or delete lost your mac osx86 the worse!

  26. Buck$$ · 10. November 2009, 10:00 · #

    ThinkPad T60
    Keyboard Working, Trackpad – not

    Help, please!

  27. Alex · 12. November 2009, 06:20 · #

    Hey BUCK$$,

    Which kexts you have in /Extra/10.6/Extensions ?

    I am struggling for quite some time trying to get SL to work on my T60 (1951-CU5) to no avail.


  28. DPR · 14. December 2009, 16:56 · #

    Hi guys, I have an ACER 5100 – 5023. Having some programming experience under me, I am looking at what seems to be an interrupt problem. It would seem to me that the trackpad/keyboard are some how sharing the same IRQ as the hard drive in this unit.

    When I start up the Hackintosh, it boots but if I wiggle the mouse cursor via trackpad during the boot up, it will eventually cause the trackpadkeyboard to not respond.

    I have read many posts about this, and what it seems to me is that when the fetch to hard drive occurs the interrupt collision takes place.

    Any way around this?

  29. jerfcero · 6. March 2010, 23:57 · #

    Excelent. work in dv6000 and tx2000cto.

  30. erick2red · 14. April 2010, 14:19 · #

    Is there any working version for Snow Leopard 64bits on 10.6.2 ???

  31. txpxsx · 30. April 2010, 06:10 · #

    i have the same question as ERICK2RED

  32. Shahin · 20. May 2010, 22:06 · #

    Is there a way to emulate a button 3 on the synaptics trackpad? Like if i tap with three fingers. That would be perfect for exposé.

    Or even better, three finger swiping down for exposé and three finger swiping up for showing desktop.

    Does anyone know if there is any way to enable this with the VoodooPS2Controller?

  33. mvniekerk · 2. September 2010, 01:44 · #

    Installing VoodooPS2 causes my NVIDIA NVS 320M to seriously misbehave, causing a grey flicker band. In VESA 3.0 mode it is fine. Anyone else with this problem?

  34. tng · 26. September 2010, 11:16 · #

    Prefpane doesn’t save settings for my synaptics touchpad over reboots (I tried anything I could think of, incl. multiple reinstalling, but still no joy). Other than that, great work!

  35. Rich · 30. December 2010, 21:17 · #

    @TNG I have the same issue with the prefpane not saving my settings, have you gotten it solved? if so, how?

  36. Jfth24 · 5. February 2011, 18:58 · #

    Same thing here at every restart the settings are lost!

  37. Van · 26. February 2011, 21:00 · #

    Same thing here on Inspiron 1545 10.5.8. Install VoodooPS2Controller-0.98-installer.pkg, then ALPS Glidepad Driver.pkg, reboots (Chameleon-2.0-RC4-r684-bin) and works. Strangely the cursor jumps to the far left when using trackpad if I lift up my finger and try to pick up from the cursor position I left it sometimes, but not always. Holding down cursor usually, keeps it sync-ed with track pad, but not always possible on the bus. ;-)

    Will try a reboot / fix permissions / time-machine it and head hear while waiting for that to finish. I’d Snow Leopard this thing if I didn’t have it tri-booting with Ubuntu and Win7. Maybe I’ll just lose those guys; they seem jealous, anyway!
    >ZEF · 11. APRIL 2009, 11:40 · #
    >Guys, pls visit our forum to post your experience, issues about VoodooPS2Controller.

    #1. Inspiron 1545, all works, except, QE / Bluetooth, including DIGI-002 with ProTools 8.0.4 using Dynex Firewire Express Card, iPhone 4g sync, Synergy, Leopard 10.5.8 – Ubuntu 10.10 – Win7

    #2. Dell 450 Dual Xeon Leopard 10.5.8 headless, 8 TeraBytes of various USB / FireWire drives, Apache / PHP / MySQL / Ampache, Dovecot, CalendarServer. :-)

  38. Brush the Horse · 2. April 2011, 12:28 · #

    Howdy Tamas!

    I’m a hungarian like you, in this case you have to know what can try to say :) I’ve a Dell Latitude D820 notebook with hungarian keyboard. It’s working, but the long i between the left shift and the Y is insensible. Any idea?

    TIA, Brush the horse :)

  39. mango · 12. July 2011, 01:05 · #

    problem installing

  40. IphoneBob · 10. September 2011, 09:53 · #

    Problem by the the third Window by installing…

  41. Lucio · 4. January 2012, 12:00 · #

    It works great. But I want know if you are developing an update for 3 and/or 4 fingers touch, because that will makes hackintosh lion very very cool. :-)

  42. Jhon · 12. March 2012, 18:04 · #

    Esto sirve para lion 10.7.3 ???

  43. sudros · 4. April 2012, 18:31 · #

    Thank you. Looked everywhere. You guys rock. Keep up the fabulous work!!

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  50. Laxmn · 15. May 2016, 10:34 · #

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  363. Giuseppe · 3. February 2022, 14:11 · #

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  373. Grady · 3. February 2022, 14:16 · #

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  924. Cedric · 3. February 2022, 16:08 · #

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  926. Rocky · 3. February 2022, 16:08 · #

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  933. Grady · 3. February 2022, 16:14 · #

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  940. Goodboy · 3. February 2022, 16:14 · #

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  942. Chang · 3. February 2022, 16:14 · #

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  950. Garry · 3. February 2022, 16:14 · #

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  956. Tyrell · 3. February 2022, 16:15 · #

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  957. Elias · 3. February 2022, 16:15 · #

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  963. Jeffry · 3. February 2022, 16:15 · #

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  964. Milan · 3. February 2022, 16:15 · #

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  1010. Delbert · 3. February 2022, 16:25 · #

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  1011. Charles · 3. February 2022, 16:26 · #

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  1012. Barry · 3. February 2022, 16:26 · #

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  1044. Richard · 3. February 2022, 16:35 · #

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  1328. Chadwick · 3. February 2022, 17:31 · #

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  1340. Virgilio · 3. February 2022, 17:36 · #

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