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Posted 31. March 2009

Right before 1st of April we’re gladly introducing the Release Candidate 1 version of Chameleon 2.0 for public download. Now supporting GUI booting, and all other features we mentioned in the previous articles.

Article is written by Tamás KOSÁRSZKY.

Features implemented in this version

Before downloading, please read these articles to get familiar with features:
features revealed #1 | features revealed #2

Download information

You can get the binaries here: Chameleon-2.0RC1-r431-bin.tar.gz

Update: Installer package is available for Download now

The source release will be shipped with the final version.


Developers: Crazor, Dense, fassl, iNDi, Kabyl, kaitek, mackerintel, mercurysquad, munky, Turbo, zef
Thanks to: bumby, cosmo1t, dfe, Galaxy, kalyway, netkas, sckevyn, XyZ


We would like to know about your experience using this new loader.

The Chameleon Group.

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