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Posted 8. February 2009

You may be wondering about what else goodies we will have in the upcoming version. Many of these functions are already implemented in other boot loader releases, but without fighting the annoying size constraints, we can incorporate them all into a single package.

Article is written by Tamás KOSÁRSZKY.

Revealing more features, part 2.

First of all i would like to mention our default folder for placing all boot loader related material, this is the Extra folder on your partition. There goes the custom Boot.plist, the additional Extensions (either can be an Extensions folder or an .mkext file) the custom theme images. And more…

Boot retail DVDs with preboot ramdisk image support.

With this feature you can create ‘boot-132’ like bootable iso images without having to use isolinux and that complex method to create such boot CDs. Just simply create a folder, put the cdboot + your Extra stuff + a Preboot.dmg inside with your Extra extensions, then use a single line hdiutil command to create your boot CD.

To able to boot retail DVDs you still have to boot from this prepared CD then swap to the retail one. A built-in ATAPI driver would help in the future, but not for now. The ramdisk image should be an uncompressed single partition image using any partition scheme what the booter has support for (MBR, GUID or APM).

EFI system partition booting support.

This is the method what Munky and Turbo introduced first. You can put your boot loader along with all /Extra stuff to this partition then can safely boot your untouched vanilla install. We have a new experimental FAT32 filesystem support with long file names.

Hibernation/Resume support.

This is also an already implemented feature in other versions, but we can show a preview image while restoring the sleep image. Have you ever experienced your bootloader wanting to resume even if you haven’t hibernated? Not anymore. If the filesystem was modified after sleepimage was created, the booter will not try to resume.

DSDT override support.

An optional DSDT.aml file can be loaded by the booter if your hardware needs this cure. This is a similar implementation what mackerintel provided for the old Chameleon version.

SMBIOS patcher support.

Thanks again to mackerintel to have this ability :)

Is that all?

We have many ideas and plans for future versions, but for the next release we’re going to provide these functions. I hope you won’t be disappointed :)

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  1. OcciJano · 8. February 2009, 03:03 · #

    Simply Great!!!

  2. mark · 8. February 2009, 03:17 · #

    please take a break on sunday
    and work on it next week,
    and on next sunday,,muhahahahaha
    can’t wait..

  3. 3Dman · 8. February 2009, 03:44 · #

    I Love Chameleon :D

  4. OSX86'th · 8. February 2009, 04:00 · #

    Just add Password protection for boot.
    It’ll be the Best bootloader for OS X.

  5. billak · 8. February 2009, 10:04 · #

    Lovely!!! Great job. keep up good work. Can’t wait to try the new release. And password protection will be great. Thanks again for keeping as informed.
    Best regards.

  6. Chrilled · 8. February 2009, 14:05 · #

    This is going to be great! Thanks for all the hard work you guys/gals put into this.

  7. patched kernel · 8. February 2009, 14:26 · #


    Is a patched kernel, voodoo / modbin also supported?

  8. DR. HURT · 8. February 2009, 14:33 · #

    Thank you very much. Can’t wait try it. Keep up the good work.

  9. Mossy1 · 8. February 2009, 16:06 · #

    This sounds great!! Can’t wait to try it out. Glad to see the EFI support. Thank you all for your hard work.

  10. a|e§ · 8. February 2009, 19:26 · #

    Great, but what about SSDT? It’s already included in a previous modified chameleon version,, will it be added to this one?

  11. Trauma! · 8. February 2009, 20:12 · #

    All right !! Everythyng awaited is there !!
    Great job guys.

    Does this new release support natively Apple Raid ?


  12. Dr. Hurt · 8. February 2009, 21:01 · #

    Could you please release it in the form of a .pkg to ease installation for everyone. Also, it would be very helpful if you put a nice “how to” guide for making themes, EFI partition, Boot CD…etc
    Thanks in advance.

  13. mackerintel · 8. February 2009, 21:29 · #

    @a|e§: ssdt-override is completely redundant. Just put your SSDT to your DSDT and add option DropSSDT=y

  14. Black · 8. February 2009, 21:39 · #

    Thanx a bunch to the team!

  15. relikwie · 8. February 2009, 22:43 · #

    This is a huge improvement from current chameleon where everything needed to keep installation untouched is there (except for some extensions not loadable outside /S/L/E).
    I can’t think of additional features.. and still you say “we have many ideas for the next version”. I wonder..

    “great work” and “thank you”

  16. macita · 9. February 2009, 00:13 · #

    Is that all?

    We have many ideas and plans for future versions, but for the next release we’re going to provide these functions. I hope you won’t be disappointed :)

    a bit….. :)

    but this a fantastic bootloader, nothing more new that what we have is a sort of all in one…what about the apple id?

  17. mackerintel · 9. February 2009, 00:17 · #

    @macita: what do you mean by “apple id”? BTW do you want a new feature to be added to chameleon. There is an easy way to make sure of it: send us you patch. Everything else we treat as a suggestion

  18. Campsbay · 9. February 2009, 00:17 · #

    That sounds really phantastic!
    After all the different experiences in the past it seems to me like a “hole in one”. Keep on going please!

  19. osikog · 9. February 2009, 01:16 · #

    Thanks… Different work… I wait with the impatience!

  20. macita · 9. February 2009, 01:38 · #

    4 Mackerintel

    About the apple id, im speaking about SMBIOS auto-patching Mboardmanufacter, SMboardproduct SMUUID, SM autodectecting etc..
    because i had problem with some challenge/reponse authorization codes for register some audio pro appz ;)

  21. Ritz Carltn · 9. February 2009, 01:47 · #

    I hope the new feature should be also include Snow Leopard.
    How’s it going?

  22. Ricardo · 9. February 2009, 02:53 · #

    hey, very great functions, please add support with uid-bootting from another hard drives(in anounce you say only EFI system partition)

  23. Stellarola · 9. February 2009, 10:39 · #

    Part 3: Chameleon makes breakfast and plays Crysis?

  24. Sam Simpson · 9. February 2009, 14:27 · #

    Sounds great. Thanks for your enormous efforts. Sam

  25. mass_core · 9. February 2009, 17:24 · #

    As comment number 4 was saying:
    Password protection on boot would make it a good bootloader!

  26. REPOMAN · 9. February 2009, 22:00 · #

    “As comment number 4 was saying:
    Password protection on boot would make it a good bootloader!”

    Yeah.. because without it, it’s gonna be – like, a total disaster!!?

    c’mon guys, just relax and let them finish already – or did you miss the feature freeze comment?

  27. NoSmokingBandit · 10. February 2009, 06:22 · #

    This is going to rock my socks. You guys are just amazing.

  28. GordonS · 10. February 2009, 11:35 · #

    Pure awesomeness.

  29. Adam · 10. February 2009, 22:18 · #

    Boot sound (if possible customizable because everything else in the next version will be customizable) would be awesome but i’m not a programer ,so I don’t know if it is even possible…

    Also very important: Snow Leopard support for all builds if possible.

    Otherwise perfect…..I can’t wait for it ;)

  30. greg · 10. February 2009, 23:55 · #

    Password protection isn’t even worth the time. What’s to stop someone from just installing a bootloader over your password protected one? It’s pointless.

  31. Brady · 11. February 2009, 02:17 · #


  32. mackerintel · 11. February 2009, 02:30 · #

    @greg: your bios supervisor password and OS security. If chameleon would have had support for passwords then you could boot your OS normally but if you try to boot in single mode you need a password

  33. id · 11. February 2009, 13:45 · #

    Don’t you guys think that the current chameleon logo is not really professional? I saw the same logo in many others forum around the web. It will be nice if we start some kind of contest between graphic designs people of the hackintosh community and subjects a more professional and appealing logo, what are your thoughts guys?

  34. Brady · 12. February 2009, 07:47 · #

    @ ID

    Who cares about the logo its fully customizable so you don’t have to keep it. I’m glad they spent more time on the actual coding rather than spending all there time messing around with pictures.

    Some People are just so ungrateful!

  35. KingofSwing · 12. February 2009, 10:19 · #

    can’t wait for release.

  36. Hagar · 12. February 2009, 16:51 · #

    I feel like a guy at a strip show: drooling and sweating but not allowed to touch! Roll on release, or at least public beta of some sort.

    This is extremely impressive work and the only downside is: I’ll have to learn it all! :/ and I’d just got comfy with syslinux/isolinux; such is the price of progress…

  37. Chris94 · 12. February 2009, 23:46 · #

    Wow! I’ll be using this for sure, instead of GRUB! Also, when can we expect a beta release? I can barely wait!

    Excellent job!

  38. titangate Lily · 13. February 2009, 15:16 · #

    Amazing…i’ve never imagined what will hackintoshs’ bootloader would be, i thought the ugly interface will be its lack forever, and you suggest me we can get a better view!

  39. cybergreg · 14. February 2009, 01:09 · #

    Frackin’ awesome work! thanks!!!

  40. numberonekiwi · 14. February 2009, 03:15 · #

    This is great thanks for all the hard work you guys have put into this version

  41. Amit · 14. February 2009, 10:39 · #

    thanx a ton man… when this gonna be release……….???

  42. zarac · 14. February 2009, 14:46 · #

    Does this release support custom Boot.plist file to be larger than 4K?
    Currently I’m using Munky’s bootloader with EFI partition and if I put my gfx string into it, I get “error parsing plist file”, so i have to use gfx injector kext.
    With my gfx string, Boot.plist is over 10K, and I have read in munky’s EFI topic on insanelymac that his bootloader has problems with Boot.plists over 4K (meaning no gfx string support).
    If my Boot.plist contains only standard darwin switches (no device string) then it loads ok.

  43. Rob · 17. February 2009, 21:39 · #

    booting from different disks/partitions

    cleanest, safest way to install a new os, is to disconnect all drives, and have a spare disk
    to install the os,… linux even wants to partion stuff,… and windows, always makes a mess of the first partition, bootloader, asuming there are alone in the universe,….

    so after reconnecting all the drives, love to be able to boot the new os on the new disk

    note: never found docu/info, to add manual entry to darwin, still looking, also don’t think it will work with mutiple disks,…

  44. eduard · 18. February 2009, 03:26 · #

    Hi, I would like to ask if exists any possibility about to make an usb boot device (as efi-x) with your efi simulation but in a usb pen drive.
    Sorry for my english.

  45. ecam · 18. February 2009, 06:45 · #

    any updates on this?

  46. yorkey · 18. February 2009, 10:27 · #

    Looking excellent! Will boot1h of this release support case-sensitive HFS+ partitions? It’s a deal-breaker…

  47. bartw · 19. February 2009, 14:37 · #

    Any idea when this finally comes out? waiting impatient for this!

  48. Greatfull keith · 20. February 2009, 11:09 · #

    Thanks guys, i over wrote my mbr with windows on this laptop, but luckly i have your boot cd, so im using osx right now. THANKS

  49. Lateef · 21. February 2009, 16:14 · #

    After installing Chameleon, i could not able to boot in Leopard… guide me

  50. Drakulix · 21. February 2009, 18:13 · #


    MORE INFOS PLEASE. How much harddrive, patitions?
    With Windows or linux? Which bootloader do you use.
    What System version??

  51. Dustin · 21. February 2009, 18:15 · #

    Will Chameleon ever support directly booting a Linux kernel, rather than chainloading grub?

  52. N · 22. February 2009, 03:20 · #

    It’s only been 2 weeks since these announcements. Seems longer. Checking site every day hoping to see new Chameleon is here. I love it. Great job to all those involved, and thank you.

  53. schweppes · 22. February 2009, 04:49 · #

    awesome! i cant wait anymore!!!

    Keep your excelent job guys!

  54. Drakulix · 22. February 2009, 14:53 · #

    Really GREAT!!

    But one question:
    How much weeks to wait???
    Every Day I look at this site but nothing new.

  55. pdxcarl · 22. February 2009, 22:23 · #

    To those of you, as I am as well, are anxiously awaiting the Chameleon 2.0 Release, instead of coming back and checking the site, I’ve subscribed to the RSS feed so that as soon as something new is posted I’ll know about it.

  56. Howie · 23. February 2009, 14:39 · #

    Does it support automatic load last selection like grub (default saved; savedefault)?
    it’s wonderful function for convenience.

  57. avian · 23. February 2009, 18:56 · #

    Sounds great cant wait for it. I thought I’d throw in a quick request for a feature. A lot of really pathetic bios’s leave VMX/Intel-VT disabled by default even if the cpu supports it. If theres any chance a developer on your team could include code to enable VMX/Intel-VT via a flag or something that would be super.

    I’ve seen a good number of posts with people in the same situation on insanelymac (wanting to run virtual machines etc), definitely a feature that would be appreciated.

  58. RedMac · 24. February 2009, 08:14 · #

    Great work,,,,, hmmmmmm, Now time is to pack-up, make a simple boot loader to boot retail DVD, and ready to Install without editing any kext or bootloader, txs, RedMac

  59. lllevelll · 26. February 2009, 13:04 · #

    /// Wanna know The Date of Release!!!

  60. Drakulix · 26. February 2009, 21:54 · #

    NOT EXACT!!!

  61. Greg · 27. February 2009, 00:36 · #

    Ignore these trolls who can’t type. You’re coding it so you’re not obligated to put any release date on anything.

  62. sama7896 · 27. February 2009, 01:14 · #

    keep up the great work. Take as long as you need – the results should be perfect as usual. There’s more to a bootloader than looks.

  63. Andy Vandijck · 27. February 2009, 16:14 · #

    You should also add the SSDT override patch…
    That would enable users of also overriding their SSDT tables (see Insanelymac forum…)

  64. HotBreeze · 27. February 2009, 17:19 · #


    You can use DropSSDT to merge SSDT into DSDT :)

  65. REID · 28. February 2009, 01:24 · #

    just out of curiosity have you guys been able to hack into the EFI-X device to see if they are using other peoples work and passing it on as there own??

    Great Work by the way cant wait keep up the good work

  66. Aman Fahimullah · 28. February 2009, 05:58 · #

    @REID EFi-X is Used under Intels UEFI and EFI firmware, does use fake EFI, its the real deal, they have just updated the firmware to support, EFI 64 Bit, which is used in the new macbooks.

  67. Mohammad darwish · 28. February 2009, 23:34 · #

    Fake, fake
    There is no such program I don’t believe to those pictures.

  68. zef · 28. February 2009, 23:42 · #

    @Mohammad darwish:

    Sure, we’re just exercising in Photoshop to create some fake images ;)

  69. lunux · 1. March 2009, 02:37 · #

    I cannot wait , thanks for your work Zef.

  70. Ollie · 1. March 2009, 17:30 · #

    Can you possibly include a chime maker? That might be an interesting coding challenge… Getting the sound small enough to fit on the ramdisk… Just a thourght you know…

  71. Jezz · 1. March 2009, 18:56 · #

    Hi, i i have a question. A long time ago i patched leo4all coz i have a jmicron bootloader, but the patches don’t work with other newer releases? I cant update so i want to try a newer released distro. Sorry im kind of a noob with osx86, but i was just wondering if there is a way to patch newer releases to make it work with jmicron controller.

  72. joel · 1. March 2009, 21:40 · #

    @ Ollie

    doubt the chime would work because the sound card driver wont be loaded.


    looking forward to the release!!

  73. tallonkrd · 2. March 2009, 03:02 · #


  74. man · 2. March 2009, 14:17 · #

    how about sound from internal speaker like found in old dos games(mario dave pop) i think that does not requre sond card rite?……and even avira anti virus makes a chime from the internal speaker when it finds virus that sound is very nice…

  75. man · 2. March 2009, 14:19 · #

    can u add mouse support also?…like selecting os with one click that would make chameleon to be the first bootloader to support mouse….

  76. Ollie · 2. March 2009, 20:35 · #

    Anyone got any idea about the release date for this? Sounds amazing…

    Cheers for all your work!

  77. cat · 2. March 2009, 23:46 · #


  78. CHOPPER · 3. March 2009, 03:03 · #

    Hey ZEF,

    Is this a 32-bit or 64-bit boot-loader?

    Will it support the Snow Leopard Kernel?

    By the way u guys are legends!!!

  79. niko · 3. March 2009, 03:55 · #

    @Someone on the dev team, will this be able to upgrade from a current zero-modification retail osx install (currently using the 200mb efi guid part to store the kexts/patches), i.e. leaving leopard (updated to the latest version) alone

  80. joel · 3. March 2009, 08:17 · #

    hey ZEF, does this bootloader show

    Loading Darwin /x86?

  81. Kabyl · 3. March 2009, 12:30 · #

    > vopourware

    CAT, guys like you are expected, trying to make us feel the obligation to do something to prove what we showed.. just so that you can please your inpatient childish self, I tell you, we don’t care! :)

    And to everyone, t h e r e i s n o E T A .

  82. LSter · 3. March 2009, 14:23 · #

    Hey there…i really dont believe that this isnt a fake…To much noise and less results…Sorry but why isnt there a beta or something else to test…Show and make me lie ;-)

  83. billybob · 3. March 2009, 15:39 · #

    @ LSTER,

    That’s a real dick attitude. They should let everyone download it but you for about a month after its released.

    Glad to see you’re appreciative of the work these guys do.

  84. LSter · 3. March 2009, 15:57 · #

    Maybe you are right… But look to the comments of this blog.
    People are waiting to help and create and cool thing…
    But after a month of announcement…no progress

    But iam relaxed enough and of course thankfull for their work

  85. Kabyl · 3. March 2009, 16:00 · #

    LSTER, sorry, but why aren’t you patient?

    About a beta release.. we don’t have to provide it, nor do we have to explain our actions (sorry about the rude answer).

    At the beginning, I was against making the posts.

    We’re blamed if we don’t post, blamed when we post, if an ETA is set we would be blamed if we don’t release it on time, and when we don’t set it, we’re blamed too, what a trap!

    But thankfully, there are more people who deserve it, and they will, hopefully, enjoy it, as well those who don’t deserve it :)

  86. EqUaTe · 3. March 2009, 16:09 · #

    Frankly, after reading these articles, I think the step forward from the old (current) release is amazing, and there’s obviously a LOT of work that has gone into this.
    I happen to know firsthand how easy it is to get feature-creep, which is where new features get added in all the time because you think they’d be cool, even though you haven’t finished getting the old ones working.

    They’ve made the decision to actually focus on finishing things off. This is good. However it takes time!
    Try and have patience folks – you either get a complete, working loader, or you get one with various bugs in it throughout.. I know which I’d rather have!

  87. SA22C · 3. March 2009, 19:31 · #

    I’m quite happy to wait for the new version, as the previous release coupled with the DSDT patching does everything I want ATM. Thanks for the hard work and don’t feel pressured to release unti you’re ready.

  88. Andrea De Micheli · 3. March 2009, 21:05 · #

    When will it be available!

  89. zef · 3. March 2009, 21:38 · #

    @all who think we’re working on vaporware and fake stuff:

    have mercy, pls ;)


  90. on · 3. March 2009, 22:01 · #

    You thankless bastards!

  91. Dr Hurt · 3. March 2009, 22:03 · #

    Always remember that people who are thankful to your work are more than those who doubt your work. We are all patiently waiting for the next release, so pls don’t you mind the braggers around here. Keep up the good work.

  92. frantisheq · 3. March 2009, 22:15 · #

    @CAT your brain is vapourware
    @DEVS great work! This will be the greatest bootloader that was ever made. with or without sound, coffee making availability or gaming stuff but tetris would be great anyway

  93. UNF · 3. March 2009, 23:13 · #

    I’m sick and tired of people being sick and tired about being sick ‘n tired!

    Just make mine with ringtones and a cherry on top … do it NOW!

  94. iBran · 4. March 2009, 13:59 · #

    Really looking forward to this one :D
    For some reason, I still think the standard dual-boot for Win XP64 is soooooo “windows 95” :P

    I keep on checking the website and the minute it’s released: re-install WinXP and OSx to give this beauty a try!

    Awsome job :D

    hope my screen for once will take the 1600×1200 res instead of the ackward 1600×150 it usually asks for. if not: tinckertime!!! :D

    can’t wait ;)

  95. Marius Petcu · 5. March 2009, 22:06 · #

    I can’t wait for this to get released. First the nice GUI, but now EFI partition boot support??? I’l start “re-vanillalising” my retail install right away.

  96. joel · 6. March 2009, 15:12 · #

    can you explain “EFI partition boot support”?

  97. steveo · 6. March 2009, 20:13 · #

    Is the project still alive? ;p

  98. second · 6. March 2009, 21:28 · #

    this is taken so much time

  99. DAMN · 6. March 2009, 23:30 · #

    This project became a joke, many welcomed new features but not even a beta release, WTF?

  100. Robert · 6. March 2009, 23:53 · #

    The problem here is the lack of information not the lack of the software.
    Passengers on a train stuck between stops become irritated after 30 minutes, angry after an hour and furious after 2 hours if there is no information about causes of delay and estimated time of restarted service. If the train operator makes small trivial announcements keeping them informed, they are much calmer and less likely to get angry. It is basic communications psychology 101 and has been observed worldwide in many circumstances.
    The same applies here; there have been no informative posts for almost a month and keeping people in the dark after dangling the promise of something makes them very angry and increasingly so as time goes on.
    There is no need to be so secretive (like Apple) just try to release some small information and everyone will be happy to wait.

  101. 18seven · 7. March 2009, 17:18 · #

    …and if they releases a beta and it nukes your fake mac then you would really be complaining. if it is that important to you educate yourself and build your own loader or give them lots of money so they can outsource some help but please quit your moaning. why don’t you go back to MS, wait how long did it take them to produce vista and how awesome is that os…

    I, for one, am very happy with what they have already contributed to the world and am very exited for this release whenever its tested ready, however long that may be.

    please ignore the ignorant and focus on your work at hand.

  102. 18seven · 7. March 2009, 17:58 · #

    @ Joel

    Sorry, I meant to give you a crumb and got so annoyed I flamed out.

    AFAIK, (and this is the short interpretive answer, I am a mac guy new to this community) OS X GUID format creates a 200m invisible partition that is unused by OS X. What if we harnessed that and put our boot loader and all the custom extensions there? Thats right, a vanilla install that won’t break when you update because well, its all native. Pure and beautiful. In fact, you could, if you were so inclined, do it yourself right now! However, I assume by your question you will be happy to know that thru the generous efforts of others this will soon be a reality for all, even for the whining useless tools. (Sorry, I am still annoyed a little).

    Hope that helps. If anyone could elaborate, correct, ect… please do.

  103. Rwiitairyet · 7. March 2009, 22:04 · #

    Just wanna say to the Dev team that what you guys are working on is SOOOOO appreciated by SOOOOO many people, THANK YOU!

    The reason there is such a fuss is because what you are working on is SOOOOO awesome, EVERYBODY wants it. It’s like Apple saying a “new” iPhone is coming out with a larger screen w/ higher resolution, video phone capability, video cam capable, 4x the memory capacity, and at half the price! EVERYBODY wants it NOW because it is SOOOOO amazing.

    So just think of us as a bunch of children who see the BIG box under the tree and do NOT want to wait until Christ-mas to open it… we wanna open it NOW… and why can’t we open it NOW, and can we at least peak under the paper to see if we can see what it is, and can’t we at least open THAT one a day earlier, on Christ-mas eve????

    Oh yeah….

    AND WHY NOT?????????

    Keep up the great work you teases…. we know it will be great! HOWEVER…. if when it IS released there are ANY bugs, you better give each and every one of us a FULL refund of our money!


    Thanks again, as a previous poster said, “You guys are LEDGENDS!”

  104. zef · 7. March 2009, 23:33 · #


    What information do you need? You can get info about the upcoming features, you can have many screenshots about the look and feel in the other article.

  105. tamika · 7. March 2009, 23:34 · #

    SHAME on those who just whining endlessly and complaining about a FREE software that is feeding YOUR ass!
    Ever thought about that all the guys who contributed to this project sacrifice their own TIME, MONEY and EFFORTS while they could just do something else that earns them money or they could just be with their families instead of listening to the fags here and making THEIR life easier.

    You have the right to complain and whine if you pay for something but for a free thing you better shut your big mouth up and if you don’t like how Chameleon develops you are free to leave, I hope the door will slap you in the back.

    Apologies to all who clearly understand how things work.

  106. Cosmo1t · 7. March 2009, 23:48 · #


    Get a life.

  107. kernalzero · 8. March 2009, 00:25 · #

    Appreciate all the work your guys are doing. patiently awaiting the next installment as I plot my next osx86 box…

  108. Fip · 8. March 2009, 01:48 · #

    Guys, the preview pics/features look AWESOME !

    Can’t wait to try it :)

  109. Robert · 8. March 2009, 03:30 · #

    I don’t need any information thanks. The point I made (badly according to COSMO1T) was that the occasional nasties here are just due to poor communications. An odd post on the main board saying “it’s coming along great people” might alleviate some tensions.

  110. BuildSmart · 8. March 2009, 10:57 · #

    Zef does good work and this has never been questioned, like Robert has pointed out the lack of information when waiting on somehting is what angers people.

    This has nothing to do with it’s free, asking someone to wait a month or two is in itself sufficient information to reduce most peoples anger.

    A last Nov. release came and went, December’s release came and went, as well, Jan. and Feb.came and went without the mention of a release date or even a hint at the projects progress.

    In the beginning of Feb. it was stated by kabyl that no ETA is available, daunting information to pass on after the fact and this is the reason that people are concluding the software is vaporware.

    Myself at this time due to the failed projected releases and now the lack of a release date think it’s all a bunch of crap and I will continue to believe this until the product is released, not because Zef is this way but because there are far more people now involved beyond Zef’s control.

    The fact that no release date is offered only further validates that the software is essentially vaporware and no, failing to meet a release date is not a guarantee of actual release, it’s not uncommon for it to be extended by 30 days but a serious effort to do this has not been made.

    Of course they could get their shit together and release in 1-2 months but from what I have heard from someone involved in the project I doubt this will be the case.

  111. Vaporware · 8. March 2009, 13:28 · #

    As my name says it all. :)

  112. frantisheq · 8. March 2009, 14:11 · #

    Maybe you should “confirm” that this project is vaporware to make those non believing assholes shut up and just release Chameleon when it’s finished without any comments before.

  113. XyZ · 8. March 2009, 14:40 · #

    WTF is wrong with you guys?
    E-FAIL has no more “inspiration” source?
    Sh*tStar can’t sell more OpenCrap computers?
    Why are you so angry and virulent on OpenSource project like Chameleon?
    Is so damn hard to understand that this project goes on free developers time?
    STFU and wait like others can, pay respect to the developers and wait for the release.
    That’s it, simple as that.
    Take it or go buy e-fail.

  114. iNDi · 8. March 2009, 15:59 · #

    you guys really take the fucking piss … why should we even release the binaries .. let alone the source code.

  115. enough · 8. March 2009, 19:02 · #

    because most of us are not whining little cu*^s. can we move on to a discussion of substance rather than petty complaints. please.

  116. bawbag · 8. March 2009, 19:31 · #

    I would like to see this being a private sort of release where you have to be fully registered somewhere in order to receive it. This way the assholes, who show nothing but disrespect to the devs, are denied access.

  117. frantisheq · 8. March 2009, 23:09 · #

    Good idea

  118. 18seven · 8. March 2009, 23:36 · #

    Since the previous efforts of this crew saved me big $$ on a recent hardware purchase (I would have never bought a pc before osx86) and hopefully to help out. I did what you should all do.


    Thank you for your donation

    Home » static » Thank you for your donation
    Article is filed in
    Posted 22. May 2008


  119. bawbag · 9. March 2009, 03:37 · #

    donations are discretionary but respect is obligatory, I will also donate.

  120. LSTER · 9. March 2009, 14:06 · #

    Im sure a lot people whould donate for a good booloader. But in the moment i think that they are months away from a stable puplic version. I think its better not to wait for the “eierlegendewollmilchsau” ;-))

    The good think is that there are other options for a gui-based loader

    Take care

  121. Bray · 9. March 2009, 16:05 · #

    You guys need to shut the F*uk up moaning about this boot loader they will release it when its ready. they are doing it for free they don’t have to release S*hit if they don’t want too! all those people saying Vaporware and fake your all a bunch of jokers your the type of people with no friends and just sit on your computer all day looking at porn. GET A F*CKING LIFE YOU W*NKERS.

  122. LSTER · 9. March 2009, 16:40 · #

    Very intelligent…Im sure you have thousands of friends looking at you scared because of your nice way of talking.

  123. BRAY · 9. March 2009, 19:45 · #


    Not friends, Just muggy little Cunts like you

  124. furkanmustafa · 9. March 2009, 21:57 · #


    I (maybe) can help about antialiasing fonts, if you send me the code which renders texts?

    thanks, address: furkanmustafa please do not spam me

  125. getbackonProzac · 10. March 2009, 04:32 · #

    Time to exercise these rights?
    …. we reserve the right to remove all rude, …. comments.

  126. 18seven · 10. March 2009, 22:16 · #

    @LSTER+BRAY, don’t worry girls, your both pretty

    I have been playing around with munky’s efi boot method and its genius. I am still getting my strings sorted out…

    This is going to be sick. If you guys need a tester sign me up.

  127. BRAY · 11. March 2009, 21:44 · #


  128. BuildSmart · 12. March 2009, 13:08 · #

    I didn’t know chameleon had it’s own army of wanna-be enforcers or that it even needed them.

    The fact that people attempting to defend chameleon and it’s developers can’t get a point across without resorting to foul language is not something that chameleon and it’s developers need.

    The lack of any news regarding progress and release is considered a sign of poor management and nothing else.

    The leaking of and release of included features is something you would find in a more structured corporate environment that has separate departments where their individual efforts are controlled by a set of guidelines that allows the corporate group to function as a single entity and this information is usually followed by release information however in this case we are talking about a small group of people working in their off-time on a project that interests them.

    Telling zef now to disregard the very fabric of the license(s) the base software is released under is not an intelligent or well thought out concept and personally can’t see zef ignoring the rules he so proudly upholds.

    Chameleon is now a team project, it lacks leadership but don’t dismiss the end product because there is no serious management, all this means is that it will be released at a later time so, in essence, if you treat it as vaporware and ignore it you wont get bent out of shape cause it’s taking so long and the lack of release information wont be so annoying.

  129. Kabyl · 12. March 2009, 17:54 · #

    BUILDSMART, well put. Thanks.

  130. Marius Petcu · 13. March 2009, 15:08 · #

    I see the same thing everywere I go: People wining for the release and making the devs liars or lazy. I suggest that if anyone has anything else to say than tehnical things about the new chameleon, go make your own topic and discuss elsewere.

    Don’t you realise that all that you do is motivating Chameleon Team just to leave it and go because there isn’t anyone to deserve their work?

  131. 18seven · 13. March 2009, 20:00 · #

    Well some of us just wanna-be supportive. Contrary to buildsmart, my wanna-be sage advice would be to go in the opposite direction and release the builds. The only reason any of the critique has any weight is the project isn’t open, or at least transparently so. Regardless, I am happy to wait in the sidelines and be a wanna-be cheerleader. This team is incredibly talented, respect.

  132. kobalt · 14. March 2009, 20:56 · #

    There are many ways to inform the crowd about the progress. One way is a progress table:
    A project is normally splitted in different parts(core, gui, libs, documentation etc). All Parts are listet in a Table with all the todo stuff which has to be done, is in progress or is already done. That would even help the developers to see what is done, what needs to be done, what lacks etc.
    Another part which could make the crowd happy is a documentation about the graphical elements. As you said the bootloader is themeable, so why don’t you release a documentation about the graphical elements regarding the themes and how to build some own themes. The crowd would be happy to do some themes.

  133. twr · 15. March 2009, 14:20 · #

    I really don’t understand how people can demand things like that, post after post, just as if the “team” had to show, prove or give something to the “crowd”, just as if the developers owned something to the world : for the moment, this place looks like all those fora full of so called fans behaving like capricious children, always asking, complaining and criticizing …

    Grow up people, chameleon isn’t your new toy and the ones behind the curtain aren’t your mommy !

  134. BRAY · 15. March 2009, 17:29 · #

    @ TWR


  135. Alex · 16. March 2009, 00:26 · #

    The real question everyone should be asking here is:

    What can the rest of us do to help you guys out?

  136. DR. HURT · 16. March 2009, 19:51 · #

    What do you think of iPhoneTom EFI bootloader? How does it work? How does it compare to chameleon?

  137. HaroldC · 17. March 2009, 05:15 · #

    Get a life people.

    It’s not the end of the world if Chameleon is’nt out yet.

    Do something else. Back this summer.

  138. sckevyn · 20. March 2009, 16:32 · #

    To everyone who is patiently waiting for the release of the next version of Chameleon, thank you for waiting. It’s grown in scope and features, along the way the dev’s have had a few issues and speedbumps come up but that is the nature of software development. How many years did it take for a solid release of OS X to make it to your desktop? =)

    To people who make stupid analogies regarding passengers stuck on a train and open source software…The difference is passengers on a train, paid to be on the train with some expectations associated with having PAID to be on the train…

    Free Open Source projects have no such expectations. The developers who do it, do not get paid. They do it for fun in their spare time when they can. They have real lives, real jobs and real life that comes FIRST before this.

    If this is an issue for you, sorry but that is the way life works. If you cannot handle waiting for something for FREE… perhaps you should go buy a real mac and stop whining…

    After all, you get what you pay for.


  139. WTF · 23. March 2009, 23:37 · #

    Ok, i can see the Future…
    The Open Source Projects*
    The XPC Boot (UEFI), Winning in the Non Battle Boots, but come on people… If Source of Chameleon were open to all people (for Beta testing), maybe this tendency would cause that the Chameleon had quickly development… But not…

    In case of XPC (Beta stage), and free to try, is the key to quickly development.

    By the way, the UEFI works amazing, and Cham, has the same, but is in some kind of “Wating for Development Devices…” stage…

  140. Ed · 23. March 2009, 23:45 · #

    Thanks for your work guys. Is there a noob faq that explains the purpose of and how bootloaders work? When it comes to the hackintosh scene, there are lots of guides on how to do stuff, but no faqs on why you’re doing what you do.

  141. Terc · 24. March 2009, 01:34 · #

    scKevyn, I feel like I’ve already got a LOT more than I paid for from you guys!

    I think it’s time to donate… :)

    Oh, and have fun working on this new version. Looks fantastic so far. I’m just jealous I don’t get to play with it while it’s in progress.

    Here’s one question though. In part one, there’s a screenshot with a progress bar… That thing isn’t animated is it? Sure would be crazy if it were, but seriously, you guys are already outdoing yourselves.

  142. Sean · 24. March 2009, 01:59 · #

    man this is gonna beat grub itself with whats happening

  143. Majestus · 2. April 2009, 15:06 · #

    Excellent, excellent Smithers. Quick question:
    I’ve got 4 HDD’s in total. My main SATA is my Kalyway Install updated to 10.5.6 using Mysticus’ update 2. SATA XP 3. IDE TMBackups 4. External USB HDD – and I can’t seem to boot XP from the Chameleon Bootloader, is there any way to fix that so it’s possible, and also, is there anyway to have the bootloader go into the OS selections rather than having to hit any key to go into the OS choices?? I’d appreciate a response! :)

    Cheers and EXCELLENT WORK!!

  144. Monkey_@@ · 3. April 2009, 13:36 · #

    Hibernation NOT resuming in RC1.

  145. renormalization_group · 4. April 2009, 03:38 · #

    This is a fantastic job guys. No doubt it deserves a donation. Thanks.

  146. Shiku-Moto · 4. April 2009, 15:07 · #

    Amazing, thank you very much and good luck from Russia :)

  147. Raju · 7. April 2009, 01:47 · #

    Waaavv! Fantastic! great job! keep it UP

  148. Valter · 29. April 2009, 21:13 · #

    Thank you very much for your work. This is beautiful piece of software.

    Greetings from Sarajevo

  149. M@DMAC · 12. May 2009, 09:56 · #


  150. Phantom Helix · 14. May 2009, 12:34 · #

    I used the installer the extras folder is where its supposed to be but it does nothing OSX 10.5.7 just boots like normal is there a key command im supposed to hit during boot time to get this to work?

  151. Jordan2Delta · 16. May 2009, 14:12 · #


    how can I uninstall chameleon from my 10.5.6 hackintosh msi wind?

    Best regards


  152. Designermx2 · 5. June 2009, 06:00 · #

    Sugestion: If installed, you will be able to boot from a retail dvd (this will appears with the EFI-X or the real mac). We can install on a pendriver and boot, or install on a HD Partition and boot from hd and use system or the retail DVD.

  153. reg · 30. June 2009, 05:53 · #

    your first effort was the most inportant update to osx it give a look and fill of profensional and all so clean
    on my wishlist a way of changing boot sequence ie amiga/win/mac or mac/win/amiga
    any aproch to this in hope

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  605. Elden · 16. February 2022, 22:46 · #

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  617. Diana · 16. February 2022, 22:47 · #

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  619. Melvin · 16. February 2022, 22:47 · #

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  635. Antonio · 16. February 2022, 22:53 · #

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  639. Millard · 16. February 2022, 22:53 · #

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  640. Wilfred · 16. February 2022, 22:53 · #

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  661. Madeline · 16. February 2022, 22:54 · #

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  779. Ronny · 16. February 2022, 23:18 · #

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  817. Garrett · 16. February 2022, 23:20 · #

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  822. Thebest · 16. February 2022, 23:20 · #

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  830. Gaylord · 16. February 2022, 23:26 · #

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  903. Freddie · 16. February 2022, 23:35 · #

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  934. Refugio · 16. February 2022, 23:42 · #

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  943. Quinn · 16. February 2022, 23:43 · #

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  954. Gracie · 16. February 2022, 23:44 · #

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  960. Elmer · 16. February 2022, 23:44 · #

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  967. Mishel · 16. February 2022, 23:44 · #

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  973. Kelly · 16. February 2022, 23:45 · #

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  974. Erin · 16. February 2022, 23:45 · #

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