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Posted 30. May 2008

Here is the next bug-fix release of Chameleon. Now multiboot works as expected.

Article is written by Tamás KOSÁRSZKY.

There was an uninitialized pointer in diskScanGUIDBootVolumes() function (i386/libsaio/disk.c) which caused the random crashes when booted the stage2 loader by GRUB. Hope this works now for you as well. Any feadbacks are welcome :)

You can find the download links on the right side.

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  1. blackchungo · 31. May 2008, 09:27 · #

    Amazing job. Thanx a lot for sharing this Zef!

  2. maclinux · 1. June 2008, 18:02 · #

    Great! Gonna try it out.
    Have been busy lately. Usually at what time UTC do you meet in IRC?
    Anyways, thank you for all the hard work. :)

  3. maclinux · 1. June 2008, 21:43 · #

    It worked great!

  4. BuildSmart · 4. June 2008, 21:00 · #

    Disk is formated GPT with a single partition.

    All commands executed without errors, “diskutil unmountDisk /dev/disk0” was issued before each command was executed.

    attempt #1:
    D975XBX2KR:~ root # dd if=boot1h of=/dev/rdisk0s2 bs=512 count=1
    D975XBX2KR:~ root # dd if=boot0 of=/dev/disk0 bs=400 count=1
    D975XBX2KR:~ root # startupfiletool /dev/rdisk0s2

    attempt to boot hd

    boot0: GPT
    boot0: HFS+
    boot0: booting
    boot0: done
    boot1: error


    attempt #2:
    D975XBX2KR:~ root # dd if=boot1h of=/dev/rdisk0s2 bs=512 count=1
    D975XBX2KR:~ root # dd if=boot0 of=/dev/disk0 bs=446 count=1
    D975XBX2KR:~ root # startupfiletool /dev/rdisk0s2

    attempt to boot hd

    boot0: GPT
    boot0: HFS+
    boot0: booting
    boot0: done
    boot1: error

  5. Kabyl · 4. June 2008, 21:29 · #

    boot1h is 1024 bytes in size, so it should be:
    bs=512 count=2 or bs=1024 count=1
    use bs=440 for boot0

  6. zef · 4. June 2008, 21:42 · #


    You can safely update your boot components while keeping your partitions mounted as read-write.

    1. install boot0 with the bundled – vista friendly – fdisk and never use dd for updating the MBR:

    fdisk -u -f path/to/chameleon/boot0 -y /dev/rdiskX

    2. boot1h is grown up to 1k (since it reads the HFS+ filesystem structures). The correct dd should look like this:
    dd if=/path/to/chameleon/boot1h of=/dev/rdiskXsY bs=512 count=2

    3. then just simple copy chameleon’s stage 2 boot to your root folder.

  7. Tom · 6. June 2008, 22:01 · #

    I just wonder, using your wonderful bootloader could I boot the retail dvd?
    I mean I would have a hfs+ partition, installed cameleon, and then boot into retail dvd? (of course if I have a “full” compatiable hardware(intel sse3))
    Sorry for my english and dumb question


  8. Kb · 7. June 2008, 05:59 · #

    What is the stage2 file and where is it found? and are there more than 1 to pick from?

  9. zef · 7. June 2008, 16:23 · #


    You can’t boot a retail DVD yet. Maybe in the near future it could be possible.


    stage2 is the ‘boot’ file, the Darwin loader itself. When using chameleon’s boot1h dd’ed to your HFS+ partition you can place the boot file onto your partition’s root folder as a regular file or embed it with startupfiletool.

  10. Zara · 21. June 2008, 00:34 · #

    Hi,Zef, Could u please tell if this bootloader will be compactible with Sempron
    2800+(SSE3)? My bro’s box got instant reboot with PC_EFI…and he has to
    rebuild system everytime when try it.Even the Zephy’s AMD 10.5.2 DVD will get PC automatically reboot! And if the chameleon fails,how can it get uninstalled? He has got XP and SUSE with Acronis OS Selector to boot every OS. ThanX!!

    His Disk list: #: TYPE NAME SIZE IDENTIFIER 0: FDisk_partition_scheme *149.1 Gi disk0 1: Linux_Swap 2.0 Gi disk0s3 2: Linux 18.0 Gi disk0s2 3: Windows_NTFS Language 40.0 Gi disk0s5 4: Windows_NTFS L’Art 40.0 Gi disk0s6 5: Windows_NTFS Untitled 30.0 Gi disk0s7 6: Windows_NTFS PLAY BOY 9.5 Gi disk0s8 7: 9.5 Gi disk0s9
    /dev/disk1 #: TYPE NAME SIZE IDENTIFIER 0: FDisk_partition_scheme *74.5 Gi disk1 1: Apple_HFS Tiger 15.4 Gi disk1s1 2: Windows_NTFS Qual’v‘Las 10.0 Gi disk1s2 3: Windows_NTFS City 10.0 Gi disk1s5 4: Windows_NTFS Himmel und Erde 10.0 Gi disk1s6 5: Windows_NTFS Programme 29.1 Gi disk1s7
    /dev/disk2 #: TYPE NAME SIZE IDENTIFIER 0: FDisk_partition_scheme *232.9 Gi disk2 1: Apple_HFS Leopard 76.3 Gi disk2s1 2: Apple_HFS Star Palace 38.2 Gi disk2s5 3: Windows_NTFS Altar 38.2 Gi disk2s6 4: Windows_NTFS Nirvana 38.2 Gi disk2s7 5: Windows_NTFS Deep Freeze 42.1 Gi disk2s8

  11. zef · 21. June 2008, 02:28 · #

    Zara: chameleon couldn’t be uninstalled, but you can overwrite with other darwin loaders. The best would be to load the test iso first and give a try with that.

  12. SaYNo · 21. June 2008, 22:10 · #

    @ZEF: is this installer is for booting from HD??is yes,how i can install to my Kalyway 10.5.2?
    coz every time i boot,i need my dvd to booting.
    please use a simple way,coz i’m new to mac os x.
    thx for u’r time.

  13. SaYNo · 21. June 2008, 23:44 · #

    i have download the,for my kalyway 10.5.2,after i’ve installed it,i reboot,and then appears boot0:error.
    and then i try the Chameleon-1.0.11-build.tar.gz, i follow the instruction.
    and when i typing this:

    sudo dd if=boot1h of=/dev/rdisk0s2 bs=512 count=2

    and warning appears: /dev/rdisk0s2 operation not supported

    what should i do?is somethings wrong?

  14. zef · 22. June 2008, 00:19 · #


    pls paste here your current partition layout for that disk or get to irc :)

  15. SaYNo · 22. June 2008, 00:31 · #

    @ZEF: what the channel of u’r irc zef?? :D
    sorry if this post out of topic. :p

  16. zef · 22. June 2008, 01:11 · #

    connect to:
    join: #Chameleon

  17. SaYNo · 22. June 2008, 16:50 · #

    After a long time of guiding me…..
    IT’S WORKS!!!! :D

    thx to ZEF for the installer and the instruction :)

    SUCCESS 2 YOU!!! Keep up the great works!

    - SaYNo –

  18. xhala_debru · 11. July 2008, 16:11 · #

    Hi all,

    Yesterday, it tried to move from efi V8 to chameleon, but with no success.
    I tried the installer and ended up with a nice error, as buildsmart.

    boot0: GPT
    boot0: HFS+
    boot0: booting
    boot0: done
    boot1: error

    So I had to reinstall efi V8

    Any idea why?


    System is P5w dh; 1 guid partition.

  19. zef · 11. July 2008, 16:50 · #


    I’ve fixed some issues which may related to yours: – Added case sensitive HFS+ support to boot1h – Fixed HFSPlus Catalog key comparison which could be failed if you had special characters in your root folder’s file or dir names.

    Pls install this boot1h to your HFS partition manually:

    curl -O
    sudo dd if=path/to/fixed/boot1h of=/dev/rdisk0s2 bs=512 count=2

    … Assuming this is your disk+partition number.

    Hope this helps.

    PS: Going to release 1.0.12 soon with more feature addons

  20. xhala_debru · 13. July 2008, 22:54 · #

    Thanks Zef,

    All is working now.

    I mean Chameleon + /Extra/Extensions/*.kexts to try be safe with future 10.5.x updates.
    All working with EFI strings.

    Can’t wait to see the added features of 1.0.12 ;)

  21. codecowboy · 25. July 2008, 13:52 · #

    After an install and reboot, I get :


    system then hangs. In the readme, the dd command specifies that the of= should be /dev/rdiskXXX. Why is there a preceeding ‘r’? Also ‘cp boot /’ does not work in my scenario – surely it should be ‘cp boot /Volumes/path/to/mounted/drive’?

  22. zef · 25. July 2008, 14:09 · #


    yup, in your scenario you need to copy the ‘boot’ file into that location. Regarding the rdiskXsY sceheme it’s a BSD standard.

  23. bassl · 10. August 2008, 13:59 · #

    hi Zef,
    I’ve manually install chamaleon 1.0.11 with boot1h fixed (

    reboot and I get:

    boot1: error

    I’m try to boot from Usb hd.


  24. tantalus · 12. August 2008, 14:01 · #

    yeah, just installed ideneb 10.5.4 and chameleon did not work. i choosed guid and case sensitive hfs+. after booting from dvd again and activating network, i installed 1.0.12 via nfs from linux. ideneb now runs like there’s no tomorrow!

  25. Jeff · 20. August 2008, 22:55 · #

    Hi, Zef
    I install ideneb 10.5.4 in my pc but it can not boot up with errors. I have to use dvd to help my sata hd start up. After that, I can use network (Rtk1000) but not audio (Soundmax)

    After installing boot1h (1.0.12), I can make my sata hd boot up. However, my network card Rtk1000 can not be recognized, but surprisingly, I can hear audio.

    I wonder if the boot1h (1.0,12) is to do with kext and the priority of loading modules. If yes, is there anyway to modify the file controlling the priority ?


  26. zef · 20. August 2008, 23:37 · #


    boot1h and your kext issue are completely different stuff. boot1h has only one task: to load the darwin loader, nothing more.

  27. Atul · 27. August 2008, 07:55 · #

    where can i find Chameleon 1.0.10 is available??

  28. PAAG · 7. September 2008, 11:08 · #

    I’m trying to install Kalyway 10.5.2 on an old VAIO w/Pentium IV.
    First I ppf’d the ISO image and had partial success. The DVD boots
    and I’m able to install MacOSX10.5.2 onto the computer. I see
    the ‘Boot x.y.z – Chamaleon 1.0.11’ message, etc. Even my Ethernet
    controller and sound are correctly detected !!!

    But then, when I boot the computer, I see a normal (W/O Chamaleon)
    boot message, the computer tries to start EFI and reboots. This
    process is repeated until I power off the computer.

    I’ve also tried downloading and installing Chamaleon-1.0.11 by hand
    as explained in the README, but the regular boot message continues to appear :(

    Thanks for any help

  29. tomte · 20. September 2008, 12:58 · #

    Excellent work!!

    Question related to grub:

    I have Ubuntu installed on disk0 and OSX on disk1 so I added

    title OSX
    root (hd0,0)
    kernel /boot/boot
    modulenounzip /boot/initrm-osx.img

    to menu.lst. This works but when it loads your boot-loader I need to press return and then enter a hdd number (which in my case is 81 and that works) and then press enter again to boot it (or add parameters such as -v etc). My questions is: can I somehow pass information to “boot” on which drive to use so I do NOT have to enter 81 for second hd?????

    I tried adding:
    map (hd0) (hd1)
    map (hd1) (hd0)
    to menu.lst but that did not make a difference.

    Again thank your for your excellent work!

  30. Wolfer · 9. October 2008, 20:31 · #

    Installed 1.0.11 from the DMG on a MBR PC_EFIv8 install. Install seemed to work fine, said it succeeded, rebooted, saw that Chameleon was on the first line of the bootloader. So, things looking good. . . Assume that’s all there is to it?

    However, on the System Profiler under ‘Hardware’, the Boot ROM Version states ‘BOOT.EFI.V80’?! Should this still be the case or am I not installed properly?

    Is there anything I can check to see that I am installed correctly?

    Please advise. Thanks for the great software!!!

  31. SD39 · 1. November 2008, 02:15 · #

    Hey thanks for releasing this and all the time you’ve spent on it. In laymen terms could you tell me why i’m hanging on.

    and how to fix it. I know you replied above to the same questions but I didn’t quite understand.

    Thanks again :-)

  32. tonetime · 2. November 2008, 11:40 · #

    Hi Chameleon, thanks for all your work. I am having problems though, im sure its something i am doing wrong. I have ideneb 1.3 leo 10.5.5 i have installed it on a Dell studio laptop with two hard drives. I have win vista and Ideneb on separate internal drives.Ideneb on the first drive, vista on the second.

    I cannot boot with out the ideneb dvd in the drive. When i try to boot directly off the hard drive, i get Boot1:error.

    I have re-installed chameleon with OSx86 tools. Plus i have re-installed it manually. I have followed instructions on this site, and the instructions in the package. I used the boot1h (1.0.12)

    sudo dd if=boot1h of=/dev/rdisk0s2 bs=512 count=2

    boot0: GPT
    boot0: HFS+
    boot0: booting
    boot0: done
    boot1: error

    I have tried everything, installed in ATI/AHCI mode, i have installed with flash chance off/On.

    As i mentioned it loads if the ideneb dvd is present.

    any ideas, please.. thanks

  33. tonetime · 2. November 2008, 11:43 · #

    EDIT: I meant IDE/AHCI not ATI/AHCI lol :)…..its the stress…help!!!!…hahaha

  34. jafar · 30. November 2008, 20:45 · #

    I installed iDeneb 10.5.5 on my notebook. I added Leopard entry in my grub but when I select it I get this :
    boot1: error

    I tried to do what is written above :

    curl -O
    sudo dd if=boot1h of=/dev/rdisk0s8 bs=512 count=2

    when I’m in /
    After reboot, I still get boot1: error :-(
    What can I do to fix it?

  35. dlrm · 20. December 2008, 09:12 · #


    I’m suffering also under the boot1: error and I’m searching for this modified boot1h. the link points only to a website saying “Hello, /mac/chameleon/1.0.12/boot1h!” so I guess the file is missing on this site.

    So zef please can you point me to the right location of this file or reupload it ?

  36. zef · 20. December 2008, 13:26 · #


    send me your email address please :)

  37. Nick · 25. December 2008, 07:24 · #

    Thanks; it works beautifully with grub.

    2 Minor Conflicts:

    I have 4 partitions. The installation switched the boot flags around from my hfs+ partition to my vfat storage partition. This I easily fixed with gparted.

    Usb devices are no longer automatically recognized without being plugged in prior to booting. Using the pc efi method, switching from the mach kernel to vanilla fixed the problem. Now, I am not quite sure what to do (it’s probably something simple).

  38. Ed · 6. January 2009, 17:07 · #

    i just installed ideneb v1.1 on amd laptop, and now when i boot i keep getting this:


    the install works fine when i insert the ideneb dvd and type rd=disk1s2

    i have tried the fixes on forums like

  39. Arbor · 8. January 2009, 19:54 · #

    Hi Zef,
    Any ideas on this (looks just a tiny bit like what Ed’s getting above, but on an Intel system, and w/o ideneb):

  40. TJIB · 21. September 2009, 23:47 · #

    done0: MBR
    done0: done
    done1: startupfile
    How do I get rollin again?
    if possible, can you shoot me an e-mail @
    thanx in advance!

  41. Alex · 23. December 2009, 20:46 · #

    I have installed Chameleon succesfully, but after rebooting the computer i get this message:
    boot0: MBR
    boot0: done
    boot1: startupfile

    I read the replie you posted above, but did no quite understand it. So if you please would replie and explain it more exactly I would be grateful.
    Thanks In Advance!

  42. Kelly · 26. November 2010, 12:43 · #

    I’m having an issue with my system. I installed Chameleon perfectly fine and it has been working for the last 2 months but now I’m getting

    boot0: GPT
    boot0: HFS+
    boot0: booting
    boot0: done
    boot:1 startupfile

    It has locked me out of any keyboard abilities and will not let me reboot off any disk, it simply skips back to
    boot0: GPT
    boot0: HFS+
    boot0: booting
    boot0: done
    boot:1 startupfile

    Without being able to input any command I’m at a bit of a loss.
    I’m not the best with computers and it took over a month to configure my system correctly. I have no idea what to do, any help would be extremely appreciated.

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  288. Modesto · 28. January 2022, 19:11 · #

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  913. Bryon · 28. January 2022, 21:40 · #

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  925. Irvin · 28. January 2022, 21:41 · #

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  927. Magic · 28. January 2022, 21:41 · #

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  943. Garth · 28. January 2022, 21:49 · #

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  945. Williams · 28. January 2022, 21:49 · #

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  951. Marvin · 28. January 2022, 21:51 · #

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  952. Joesph · 28. January 2022, 21:51 · #

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  955. Michel · 28. January 2022, 21:51 · #

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  957. Efrain · 28. January 2022, 21:52 · #

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  959. Mckinley · 28. January 2022, 21:52 · #

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  963. Daren · 28. January 2022, 21:52 · #

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  964. Bobbie · 28. January 2022, 21:52 · #

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  965. Melissa · 28. January 2022, 21:52 · #

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  966. Eva · 28. January 2022, 21:52 · #

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  967. Marcos · 28. January 2022, 21:52 · #

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  968. Numbers · 28. January 2022, 21:52 · #

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  969. Jocelyn · 28. January 2022, 21:52 · #

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  971. Pitfighter · 28. January 2022, 21:53 · #

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  974. Ethan · 28. January 2022, 21:53 · #

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  975. Trinidad · 28. January 2022, 21:53 · #

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  977. Felix · 28. January 2022, 21:54 · #

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  978. Melissa · 28. January 2022, 21:54 · #

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  979. Jose · 28. January 2022, 21:54 · #

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  1196. Russel · 28. January 2022, 22:51 · #

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  1296. Eduardo · 28. January 2022, 23:16 · #

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  1309. Jackson · 28. January 2022, 23:18 · #

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  1337. Keven · 28. January 2022, 23:23 · #

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  1366. Tracey · 28. January 2022, 23:31 · #

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