Chameleon 1.0.11 with JMicron IDE DVD, SSE2, AMD K10 Phenom support

Chameleon 1.0.11 with JMicron IDE DVD, SSE2, AMD K10 Phenom support

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Posted 10. June 2008

Got a ‘ not found’ error while trying to boot your Mac OS X Install DVD when using an IDE optical drive connected to your JMicron controller? Or how about to enjoy the fake EFI features if you have and older SSE2 CPU or a recent AMD system? Chameleon is here again to help You! :-)

Article is written by Tamás KOSÁRSZKY.

What was changed in Chameleon since version 1.0.10?

Ok let’s get to the details. The first major ‘improvement’ is the JMicron IDE DVD drive fix in the Darwin loader, the second is to extend the FSB detection code to support Intel SSE2 and AMD K10 Phenom CPUs.

JMicron IDE DVD drive ‘ not found’ error fix

This issue should have been fixed ages ago, but at last we’ve done it. How? It was really easy. For some reason nobody was brave enough to trace down what’s going on when booting the Darwin loader using an IDE DVD attached to a JMicron controller in IDE mode.

I had the suspect that JMicron controller is just fine but its int 13h option ROM implementation reports different drive characteristics as it supposed to be. Actually Darwin uses EBIOS calls to gather the drive information and it should also report the cylinder, head, sector (CHS) parameters. Unfortunately in case of using JMicron it just doesn’t happen. This is the first step where things getting worse.

… and getting even worse: Without the above parameters, Darwin loader uses an ancient BIOS call to query the CHS values. This is the second – and fatal – step to prevent the loader working properly. In case of JMicron this call will return with an error and the story ends.

What could be the solution then? Since only LBA addressing is being used to read sectors from HDD or DVD there’s no need to worry about the CHS addressing support. It means we can safely remove the above check for the CHS parameters and also the alternative gathering method ;-)

Intel SSE2 and AMD K10 Phenom CPU FSB detection

For JaS‘ request Kabyl was added a 100MHz hard-coded FSB value to the FSB detection code, so your SSE2 box can use all fake EFI features what Chameleon feeds to the kernel like device-properties strings in /Library/Preferences/

Regarding the AMD support we’re looking for testers and waiting for feedbacks.

Many thanks in advance!


You can get the installer – thx to kalyway :), build and source packages in the Releases section on the right side.

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  1. p-J · 19. June 2008, 17:51 · #

    I’ve used the installer in 10.5.3, but now my computer doesn’t wanna start up.
    It tries to boot vista, but also that fails. What happended?

  2. zef · 19. June 2008, 18:01 · #


    could you provide more information pls? Like what exact error message you got when booting to Vista and what partitions do you have on your disk, etc. Try to activate your 10.5.3 partition too.

  3. p-J · 19. June 2008, 18:23 · #

    Thnx for the quick response :)
    After the bios is see this

    boot0: mbr
    boot0: done

    After that i goes to booting vista, i a error message that it can’t find the file \Windows\system32\config\system

    I’m using a AMD system btw

    I’m now trying to reinstall my old bootloader ;)

  4. p-J · 19. June 2008, 18:35 · #

    I’ve reinstalled my old bootloader, everything is working now again. Don’t know what went wrong but i’ve tried :p

    Thnx for the help :)

  5. zef · 19. June 2008, 18:36 · #

    could you pls provide me your MBR?

    dd if=/dev/rdiskX of=PJmbr bs=512 count=1

    You have to replace X with your current disk number (guess it’s 0)

  6. p-J · 19. June 2008, 19:24 · #

    No problem :)
    I booted with -s and typed what you said
    This is what i get;

    dd: PJmbr: Read-only filesystem


  7. zef · 19. June 2008, 19:33 · #


    how did you booted to OS X then? :) Could you pls get to irc and discuss this one online?


  8. Repo · 19. June 2008, 20:09 · #

    Hey Zef – nice work on the loader so far.

    It works when I install it on my backup SATA drive, but I also have a couple of 500Gb samsung units running in hardware Raid 0 using a highpoint 2300 card, that I can boot from with no trouble using pc_efi.

    I get the same error P-J was seeing

    boot0: mbr
    boot0: done

    and then straight to the Vista loader error.

    Reinstall of pci_efi and my OSX partition is running just fine. Now I need to check Vista…

  9. REPO · 19. June 2008, 20:30 · #

    OK so it managed to hose my Vista partition. Winload.exe no longer… loads. Time to restore from backup. Never mind, not as if it was anything important ;)

  10. zef · 19. June 2008, 21:01 · #


    How did you installed the loader? with the .11 install package or manually?

    You can repair your installation using booting from the vista DVD. It uses a special signature in the MBR between offsets 440-446 and our modified fdisk keeps that area untouched.

    I don’t know what’s going on. Wish i could have your MBR to inspect ;)


  11. REPO · 19. June 2008, 21:06 · #


    Installed the bootloader using the instructions in the readme. fdisk, dd and then copy boot over.

    I’ll superduper my raid partition and then reinstall Chameleon and see if I can post the unbootable mbr…

  12. zef · 19. June 2008, 21:10 · #


    So you didn’t used the provided fdisk? The ‘stock’ fdisk (you can find it in /usr/sbin) overwrites the sensible area too in the MBR, that’s why your Vista partition has been died.

    Blame me, I have to correct the readme regarding the manual install method.

    .. or you can install with the install package which uses the bundled – Vista friendly – fdisk when updating the MBR code.

  13. p-J · 19. June 2008, 21:14 · #


    For some reason my router crashes when i connect to irc, so i can’t come to the channel now. But i’m get a new router soon, so then i can come to the channel, i hope.
    I think the router is crashing because there are being too many connections made.

    Too answer your question i used the latest installer package on 10.5.3, and how could i get my MBR for you?


  14. Repo · 19. June 2008, 21:14 · #

    No blame at all Zef – but I did use the packaged fdisk, not the regular OSX binary.

    I’m backing up the partition now and when I’ve got a copy, I’ll reinstall chameleon using the instructions in the readme. Who knows – maybe I screwed up last time!

    If not, I’ll dd the mbr…

  15. juju · 20. June 2008, 19:25 · #

    Why do you use fdisk to install the MBR? dd should do as well, and you need no special version of fdisk!

  16. zef · 20. June 2008, 21:31 · #


    Updating the MBR with dd is a really bad practice and I strongly recommend to use fdisk instead because of the following reasons:

    1. dd can’t update the MBR while you have mounted volumes on that disk. fdisk does its job very well.

    2. Using an inproper – or missing – dd argument can kill your partition table or even more sensible data. fdisk alters the disk’s MBR, nothing else.

    So please never use dd for poking with the MBR!

    Peace! :-)

  17. rjw · 26. June 2008, 11:00 · #

    Hi there.
    Chameleon rocks and I like to see the sources and learn.

    I’d like to know if it can be used inside GRUB or called from the windows bootloader, in order to boot OS X on a different disk.

  18. zef · 26. June 2008, 13:29 · #


    Sure. It has the multiboot option built-in, so you can add to GRUB as a kernel image. Or either you can add chain0 to XP boot.ini or Vista BCD entries.

  19. packrobottom · 27. June 2008, 20:52 · #

    I have 2 partitions on one disk both with osx installs. Which one should chameleon be installed to or does it not matter?

  20. zef · 27. June 2008, 23:59 · #


    If you’re using MBR scheme then install to the currently active partition, in case of GUID scheme install to the first partition.

  21. scoobydu · 29. June 2008, 13:24 · #


    Didn’t work for me on a sse2 dual opteron rig :(

    I still get the instant reboots, even when I use a kernel that I know works on my machine.

    I installed it from your installer package.

    All the best

  22. Jason · 1. July 2008, 22:28 · #

    Awesome release man!

    Just wanted to ask though.. Does this work on 10.5.2?

    Secondly I have an SSE2 CPU, would installing this allow me to finally install a vanilla kernel?

    Stupid questions i know, but i’m quite new to the whole OSX86 project.. thanks in advance!

  23. zef · 2. July 2008, 13:42 · #


    Could you pls provide your CPUID and MSR info? You can get it with Lavalys Everest for example.


    You still need a patched kernel for SSE2 CPUs but at least using this boot loader it won’t reboot instantly.

  24. scoobydu · 2. July 2008, 20:30 · #

    Zef, not sure what you need! Apologies for the large post.

    CPU Type : 2x AMD Opteron 240, 1400 MHz (7 × 200)
    CPU Alias : SledgeHammer
    CPU Platform : Socket 940
    CPU Stepping : SH-B3
    Instruction Set : x86, x86-64, MMX, 3DNow!, SSE, SSE2
    CPUID Manufacturer : AuthenticAMD
    CPUID CPU Name : AMD Opteron™ Processor 240
    CPUID Revision : 00000F51h
    AMD Old Brand ID : 0401h (Opteron 240)
    Platform ID : D4h (Socket 940)

    ———[ Logical CPU #0 ]———

    allcpu: Valid

    CPUID 00000000: 00000001-68747541-444D4163-69746E65
    CPUID 00000001: 00000F51-00000881-00000000-078BFBFF
    CPUID 80000000: 80000018-68747541-444D4163-69746E65
    CPUID 80000001: 00000F51-00000000-00000000-E1D3FBFF
    CPUID 80000002: 20444D41-6574704F-286E6F72-20296D74
    CPUID 80000003: 636F7250-6F737365-34322072-00000030
    CPUID 80000004: 00000000-00000000-00000000-00000000
    CPUID 80000005: FF08FF08-FF20FF20-40020140-40020140
    CPUID 80000006: 00000000-42004200-04008140-00000000
    CPUID 80000007: 00000000-00000000-00000000-00000009
    CPUID 80000008: 00003028-00000000-00000000-00000000
    CPUID 80000009: 00000000-00000000-00000000-00000000
    CPUID 8000000A: 00000000-00000000-00000000-00000000
    CPUID 8000000B: 00000000-00000000-00000000-00000000
    CPUID 8000000C: 00000000-00000000-00000000-00000000
    CPUID 8000000D: 00000000-00000000-00000000-00000000
    CPUID 8000000E: 00000000-00000000-00000000-00000000
    CPUID 8000000F: 00000000-00000000-00000000-00000000
    CPUID 80000010: 00000000-00000000-00000000-00000000
    CPUID 80000011: 00000000-00000000-00000000-00000000
    CPUID 80000012: 00000000-00000000-00000000-00000000
    CPUID 80000013: 00000000-00000000-00000000-00000000
    CPUID 80000014: 00000000-00000000-00000000-00000000
    CPUID 80000015: 00000000-00000000-00000000-00000000
    CPUID 80000016: 00000000-00000000-00000000-00000000
    CPUID 80000017: 00000000-00000000-00000000-00000000
    CPUID 80000018: 00000000-00000000-00000000-00000000
    CPUID 8FFFFFFF: 53275449-4D414820-2052454D-454D4954

    ———[ Logical CPU #1 ]———

    allcpu: Valid

    [removed to shorten post]

    ———[ MSR Registers ]———

    MSR C0010015: 0000-0000-0600-0040

  25. zef · 2. July 2008, 21:57 · #


    Thx for these infos, but i’m sure this is not a native CPU report because of the 1 line MSR data :P

    Please boot to your real Windows installation then make the report again.


  26. scoobydu · 2. July 2008, 22:09 · #


    I installed vista on the machine just to get this info.

    I used the program you suggested and selected CPUID and MSR dump.

    This was the only other thing I got from another report;

    MSR Registers: MSR C0010015 0000-0000-0600-0040

    I will look again in the next 48hrs.

    I only shortened then second cpu report as it seemed a repeat of the first.

    Thx for you support!!

  27. scoobydu · 3. July 2008, 22:24 · #


    I got this from cpu-z. Is this what you need?

    MSR 0×0000001B edx = 0×00000000 eax = 0xFEE00900
    MSR 0xC001001E edx = 0×00000000 eax = 0×00000013
    MSR 0xC0010015 edx = 0×00000000 eax = 0×06000040


  28. zef · 7. July 2008, 12:31 · #


    Thx :) Forwarded the info. Hope we can find out something.

  29. scoobydu · 7. July 2008, 17:35 · #

    Cool, thx Zef, much appreciated!

    Let me know if you need any more info :)

  30. Domini · 10. July 2008, 05:45 · #


    I tried the test cd, but I don’t know what has happen.
    I booted with test CD and boot process start but stopped at:

    ACPI: System State [S0 S3 S4 S5] (S3)

    I am using an intel DG33BU motherboard with Intel E6550. Any ideas? Is the motherboard chipset compatible with OS X? I had one real mac and two other hacks, but in that motherboard I never had success. It tried Kalyway 10.5.2 and iAtkos R2 but failed in both.

    Thanks in advance and congratulations for the good work.

  31. zef · 11. July 2008, 14:07 · #


    Strange, I have a friend who uses this very same board without any issues. Maybe you need to adjust your BIOS settings – just guessing.

  32. Giba · 12. July 2008, 21:09 · #

    I need boot the windows partition by default. How do i do that?

  33. macmino · 15. July 2008, 01:00 · #

    WOW I’ve finally solved my stupid MBR boot problem! THANK YOU MEN! Now..a little problem…how can I show the Vista partition ?

    3: 07 1023 254 63 – 1023 254 63 [ 871585792 – 105185280] NTFS

    Thank you very much!

  34. Wotsupdoc · 21. July 2008, 00:09 · #

    Great contribution.
    Booting finally works as expected.
    One question: How do I change the bootorder?

  35. FJM · 25. July 2008, 18:17 · #

    I´m curious about if you are gonna support the new Boot 132 method. I’ve seen a new file Chameleon_DFE_for_Hard_Disk.pkg
    in a forum

  36. zef · 25. July 2008, 18:53 · #


    You can’t change the boot order by configuration.


    We don’t know yet, let’s talk about it later.

  37. James Vreeken · 30. July 2008, 23:32 · #

    ok… I have a hp pavilion tx2525nr tablet pc:
    i have sucessfully installed Leo4all v3 by patching with chameleon boot loader!
    the problem is I want to dual boot with Vista… here is my HDD setup:
    HDA 0 , 1 :Windows VISTA
    HDA 0 , 2 :Leopard
    HDA 0 , 3 :HP_RECOVERY

    for some reason booting from the vista DVD and Trying to repair the boot does not work…
    so I will need to do it manually somehow…

    all three show up in the chameleon boot loader but vista wont boot…. please advise!

  38. James Vreeken · 31. July 2008, 01:31 · #

    I think i got it to work:
    now dual booting vista64bit and Leo4all v3 on hp pavilion tx2500

    I booted from hp_recovery and ran a system restore which reinstalled windows over my previous installation… booted into windows and then made sure everything worked. then I put the patched LeoDVD back in and hit f8 and typed -s:
    at command promt:

    fdisk -e /dev/rdisk0
    flag 2

    it now boots into the chameleon boot loader with all three partitions bootable!

  39. James Vreeken · 31. July 2008, 02:58 · #

    DAMN IT!!!!
    i thought it worked but it didn’t!
    when I do it I still can’t boot back into windows… it gives me the /windows/system32/winload.exe error

    I tried this method and it didn’t work… :(

    This guide is for restoring our nice, working hackintosh’s darwin bootloader.

    Basically, Vista RTM foobars our working MBR’s bootloader and you get “HFS+ partition error”.
    In following, I will assume we have one HDD with two partitions: part#1 = OSX and part#2 = Vista

    1. Boot off OSX dvd disc in single user mode (press F8 and type -s)
    2. At single user prompt
    fdisk -e /dev/rdisk0
    flag 1
    4 reboot

    At this point OSX should boot up, just like prior to Vista installation.
    1 In a terminal window,
    su root
    fdisk -e /dev/rdisk0
    flag 2
    2 reboot

    Vista will say “\Window\system32\winload” corrupted, and it will tell you to insert Vista disc and recover.
    Follow directions from Vista and recover, then reboot. Check Vista boots and works fine.

    1. Boot off OSX dvd disc for single user one last time (press F8 and type -s)
    2. At single user prompt
    fdisk -e /dev/rdisk0
    flag 1
    3. reboot

    You will discover that Vista recovered and left MBR’s darwin bootloader intact

    Is there a similar method for use with the chameleon bootloader?
    how can I dual boot vista 64 bit?

  40. german · 31. July 2008, 12:10 · #

    same exact situation as James Vreeken…
    is our vista partition recoverable?

    need help… couldnt boot back into vista is killing me. since HP tx2500 serie tablet is not well supported yet > .<

    help help~

  41. zef · 31. July 2008, 13:56 · #

    Guys. If you use the fdisk bundled with Chameleon for updating the MBR, it should keep Vista intact. The original fdisk updates 446 bytes in the MBR while this modified one updates 440 bytes only. This way we’re preserving the signature between offsets 440-446 what Vista reserves for this purposes.

    So you can use the Vista DVD to repair the MBR. Give a try with JaS 10.5.3(4?) release, it will use this adjusted fdisk and can install Chameleon out of the box.

  42. german · 31. July 2008, 20:25 · #

    Zef you mean the combo update by JaS or a complete install disc?
    Just install it will do the trick??

  43. James Vreeken · 31. July 2008, 21:05 · #

    hey German I found that you can repair vista with the vista disk but in order to do so you must set the vista partition active…. but then when you set the leopard partition active it screws up the windows side again….

    zef: I don’t know what you mean by using the fdisk that is bundled with chameleon… I thought that is what I have been doing… I boot off cd and boot with -s and at command prompt typed fdisk…. thanks for your help!!! I will give Jas a try.


  44. Manzi · 1. August 2008, 04:44 · #

    Ok…I am having this weird funky issue…So I burnt the Chameleon CD, and my c2d 2.2 GHz laptop works fine. I was able to install Leopard and update to 10.5.4 just like a real Mac user!! So this is where the weirdness begins. I installed 1.0.11 onto my hard drive, however it crashes and blames AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext. The weird part is that when I boot my install off the cd, it works no problems. I verified that the extension is loading by booting into Single User Mode via the CD and using kextload to try and load it. It informs me that it is already loaded.

    Any insight would be greatly appreciated. I do not want to “just delete it” because it actually works fine with my computer, when I boot the OS off the cd.

  45. adrian · 1. August 2008, 11:33 · #

    I installed on my running leopard which is installed from kalway dvd.

    During bootup , I saw the drawin bootloader has additional string Chameleon and leopard boot successfully.

    Does it mean EFI is installed and run successfully ?

  46. zef · 1. August 2008, 13:37 · #


    I mean the full JaS DVD, give a try with that.

    James Vreeken:

    if you boot off from the CD and you just type ‘fdisk’ it won’t use Chameleon’s fdisk. You must reference to its path like:

    cd Chameleon-1.0.11


    Remove the AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext from your .4 system, it doesn’t work on white boxes. Alternatively you can use IntelCPUPowerManagementDisabler.kext to prevent loading AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext.


    There’s no EFI, there’s no emulation, we don’t need. These fake “EFI” loaders (like Chameleon, dfe’s loader or PC_EFI) just feeds the necessary structures (such as EFI device properties) to xnu to make it working properly.

  47. Manzi · 1. August 2008, 19:39 · #

    Yes, I just figured it out….the Extensions.mkext on the CD had disabler.kext on it. As soon as I popped that over, everything booted as it should. I have fully hardware-accelerated graphics, Bluetooth, wired and wireless ethernet. All I need now is audio, and I will be all set! Thanks again for your help! I am using a T60p, with a FireGL V5250 (x1700M), 2 GB Ram, Atheros Wireless, Intel Wired, it is all working..

  48. kjdee · 2. August 2008, 16:14 · #

    zef, any chance of adding ramdisk support like dfe or something similar, really like all the great work your doing

  49. fcollingwood · 5. August 2008, 10:40 · #

    Hi Zef

    I had a Kalyway install, using EFU v8, and had no problems booting with SATA in AHCI mode.

    I’ve just re-installed with the LawlessPPC release using Chameleon, and if I try to boot with SATA in AHCI mode I get the following:

    boot0: GPT
    boot0: HFS+
    boot0: booting
    boot0: done
    boot1: error

    If I set SATA to IDE mode, all boots fine, but I really do want to have AHCI.

    My specs are:

    MSI K9A2 CF (SB600, ALC888, RTL8169)
    Athlon 64 X2 4200
    Seagate ST3500320AS
    No Windoze partition, no dual booting required.

  50. swilso · 6. August 2008, 17:00 · #

    fcollingwood –

    Did you have to customise the install with lawlessPPC install? if so what did you have to check?

  51. Newbie on Mac · 15. August 2008, 20:27 · #

    Hey There

    I am new on MAC and I really want to install MAC on my external 100GB USB hard drive using Sony Vaio VGN-N385E (SSE2/3 compatible). I do have iATKOS v1.0i,2.0i,v4i and Leopard Patched(ToH_x86_9A581_RC2 4.37GB).I burned all iATKOS iso image file on DVD but none of them detecting during boot process.It just go to startup page and vista login page pop up everytime. I tried my level best to get it run but at some point I am totally illiterate to dual boot MAC with Vista ( vista installed). If anyone can help me get run installation process…please

    1. Do I need to extract file from ISO image or just burn ISO image on DVD. If I have to extract file from ISO image file then it just extract couple of kb size file.

    2. Do I need to burn MD5 file on DVD or just ISO.

    3. What are the steps to dual boot MAC with Vista(vista installed) using iATKOS 4i. If anyone can tell me from scrap. Want to install on blank 100Gb extranal USB hard drive. please….

    4. I watch too many video and read instruction but something I am not getting in my Mind. I feel like I am kid in this field. You know what I mean….LoL

    Thanks for your time.


  52. paratox · 18. August 2008, 19:13 · #

    how can i get chameleon to work with grub?
    wich files do i have to put in the /boot folder of my ubuntu install and wich entry in the menu.lst is needed? i`ve searched for houres an couldn`t find informations about how to do this. for now i have pc efi v8 with grub working, but since i read that vanilla kernels will work better with chameleon it would be nice to get it working.

  53. zef · 18. August 2008, 19:34 · #


    If v8 works for you then you may stick with that, you can’t make a kernel working better with another booter. Using chameleon’s boot file with GRUB needs the same steps as with PC_EFI.

    Newbie on Mac:

    You can find tons of multi-boot topics on


    This seems to be an odd issue, btw i would like to inspect your track0 and first 3 sectors of your HFS+ partition.


    Thx, we would like to improve the booter with such features but don’t ask me when it will be ready :)

  54. Rain@DNA · 19. August 2008, 10:31 · #

    If I want use Chameleon replace PC_EFI,do I need delete PC_EFI?

  55. zef · 19. August 2008, 13:11 · #


    If you install Chameleon, it will replace your previously used boot loader.

  56. macint · 19. August 2008, 22:58 · #

    I have tried to install Chameleon on a case-sensitive HFS+ journaled blank partition, but when booting it stops wtih

    boot0: GPT
    boot0: HFS+
    boot0. booting
    boot0: done
    boot1: error

    If I install on a non case-sensitive partition it boot with no problem

    Is it compatible with case-sensitive partitions ?

  57. zef · 20. August 2008, 02:57 · #


    yup, 1.0.12 supports case sensitive HFS+ filesystems as well. I would like to add more features to 1.0.12, that’s why i not released yet. Grab the fixed boot1h from here:

  58. alex · 20. August 2008, 18:06 · #

    I have a laptop that support only SSE2; can i use appleACPIplatform.kext/AppleAPIC.kext newer than 1.0.3 version (that comes from tiger) on Leopard with Chameleon EFI?

  59. Ransom · 22. August 2008, 22:45 · #

    I Also have been getting the ‘ not found’ error and i downloaded the zip file as instructed. I burned the ISO image onto a CD and booted it up. It boots alright but then what is next? How do i get the Kalyway 10.5.2 CD to work on my drive just like your ISO did?

  60. zef · 23. August 2008, 00:57 · #


    I guess you can use the stock ACPIPlatform.kext when booting your system using Chameleon.


    Get the ppf patch for the Kalyway 10.5.2 image then apply it. It should boot up properly with the patched DVD.

  61. JustVisiting · 24. August 2008, 08:46 · #

    Installed on bad axe2 motherboard which previously had Leo4AllV3 and EFI, via chamelon installer

    had issues booting, had to manually use set the active partition using fdisk. not sure why the installer (for chameleon as well as other osx “distros”) has issues with leopard and bad axe2 Motherboards.

    wonder if its something that really needs to be explored the same way ‘jmicron’ finally was.


  62. s_s · 16. September 2008, 16:54 · #

    I Also have been getting the ‘ not found’ error and i downloaded the zip file as instructed. I burned the ISO image onto a CD and booted it up. It boots alright but then what is next?
    How do i get the iDeneb 10.5.4 to work on my drive just like your ISO did?
    I cannot find any kind of patch elsewhere.

    Could You help me?


  63. zef · 16. September 2008, 18:09 · #


    iDeneb 10.5.4 uses chameleon’s cdboot already, so there’s no need to patch it.

  64. dave · 23. September 2008, 03:02 · #

    hey zef, if theres no way to change the boot order can i remove windows from chameleon.

    i triple boot my acer aspire one with 10.5.5 / xp sp3/ and ubuntu 8.04.

    0,1 leo
    0,2 xp
    0,5 ubuntu

    grub installed to mbr which boots xp / ubuntu and calls on the boot file to pull up osx. but when calling osx it allows for booting of osx and xp and defaults to xp.

    id love for this to only boot osx.


  65. sam · 29. September 2008, 06:01 · #

    Hey there,

    I am wanting to setup my Retail Install that I already have running on a USB drive using the fake EFI method with kexts residing in the 200mb EFI partition of the guid part scheme….

    Do I need to put these kexts in that same partition on my new disk if I use chameleon installer, or is in /System/Library/Extensions good enough? It is vanilla install from retail, with NVinject the only mod…
    I am restoring the .dmg of my current install now to the new SATA disk system partition (which I formatted with GUID) and plan to use Chameleon installer for boot….but I also have XP install on a separate IDE disk – can I still dual boot if they are on separate disks? Or do I need to go manually to choose boot device at each startup?

    Thanks you smart dudes!

  66. SAM · 29. September 2008, 06:24 · #

    God I wrote that badly, sorry, what I meant is that I currently have a working retail installation of 10.5.5 on an external USB drive, using EFI bootloader method here [url][/url]

    I want to transfer this to an internal GUID partitioned 500gb SATA drive. Can I just use the chameleon installer instead of doing the EFI method? Do I need to copy any kext’s into the 200mb EFI partition like in the other method? And can I make this dual bootable with my existing XP install which resides on a different physical disk?

    Is it dangerous to install chameleon on the currently booted volume?

    If there is stuff I should read point me there as I am a noob to OSx86 sort of…

    Thanks again….

  67. Detosx · 20. October 2008, 06:16 · #

    Hi there! I have a GUID partitioned hard drive with efiv8/Vista32/OSX/OSX with EFXv8 partition set as boot/active.

    I can’t seem to get Chameleon, as installed onto the first OSX partition via osx86 Tools, to work for me. I am left with a blinking cursor and rebooting every few seconds. I keep having to use iAKTKOSv4 dvd with -s command and then type Darwin and… and so on, to get back to square one. Any pointers hugely welcome :)

  68. zef · 20. October 2008, 13:39 · #


    It seems that some component wasn’t installed correctly. Try to install manually instead. Get the binary package and open doc/README file for the necessary steps.

  69. Detosx · 21. October 2008, 01:37 · #

    Hi Zef, thanks for getting back to me. :) In the above senerio, where do I want to install chameleon to and which partition should be active?

  70. scoobydu · 26. October 2008, 20:44 · #

    Hi Zef, I wondered if my info was any use in trying to fix my problem?


    zef · 7. July 2008, 11:31 · #


    Thx :) Forwarded the info. Hope we can find out something.

  71. Detosx · 27. October 2008, 00:33 · #

    For those who might find it useful to know, the problem was solved, in part, by using an older version of pcwiz 0SX86 Tools, which is to say version 1.0.149. I duplicated the results a few times and Version 1.0.150 didn’t work on my setup. You can find version 1.0.149 on pcwiz’s homepage, or search using OSX86 Tools. There is no entry on the Chameleon menu for Vista, though, so I am trying to figure out how to sort that one out. Chameleon hasn’t solved my Intel dual-core T2230’s problem with 9.5.0 voodoo kernel beta2c – Date&Time clocks seconds hand spinning too fast, video playback on VLC player too fast and sound choppy/stuttering but Quicktime and iTunes seem okay, now.

  72. Aranius · 7. December 2008, 21:35 · #

    With this Chameleon-release, are you able to load .kext not beeing in the normal extensions folder? I thought of something like modified 132 or Munkys EFI-Boot?

    Might have read this, but am screwing it up in my mind weather you can or you cant^^

    Thanks for Info

  73. yorkey · 21. December 2008, 11:01 · #

    Hi Zef, I’m stuck with “boot1: error” on a case-sensitive HFS+ partition. The link for the modified 1.0.12 version of boot1h you gave above no longer works…

    Any chance you can send me a copy? (blakemail .. at .. gmx .. net)

    Thanks for your work.

  74. MWOOD · 23. December 2008, 21:25 · #


    I too would like the 1.0.12 version of boot1h — it was working for me before the 10.5.6 upgrade — UInstaller killed it and I didn’t save a copy any where. My email address is matt … at … stampede … org



  75. zef · 24. December 2008, 09:36 · #


    get the case sensitive aware boot1h here:


  76. Reticon · 28. December 2008, 13:26 · #

    Zef, oh famous one, please, please, please consider a mod to your boot loader that selects the second OS choice by default. A quick and dirty boot order ability. Even if it is completely hard coded. With all your time in the source code this surely must be possible…. please.. please, please, please…

  77. Peter · 31. December 2008, 01:42 · #

    I spent all day to reading posts and nothing is helping me understand why I am getting a:
    System config file ‘/’ not found .

    I using Kalyway_10.5.2 with Kalyway-10.5.2-Chameleon-1.0.11-JMicron-fix patch has anyone know why it happened and how to fix it ?

  78. RETICON · 31. December 2008, 04:56 · #

    Can you F8 boot (keep pressing F8 as the CD is booting should load the local os) from the CD or start -s (or -x I get them mixed up) for single user console prompt? Then check for the file from those places? If it isn’t there there may be a backup in that same folder. Sorry if this doesn’t work, I’m just trying to help.

  79. Obamabot · 3. January 2009, 12:54 · #

    I used this patch and it worked! Zev and co are awesome! Only one hitch in the installation process. Audio didn’t work on the first install. On 2nd install I just used the default audio patches selected by kalyway and audio worked.

    Core 2 e6750
    Abit IP 35 Pro
    1GB WD Caviar Black


  80. Me&MySelf · 3. January 2009, 18:20 · #


    I installed the OS-X on my PC.
    I created a bootable CD with my kexts.
    Making boot with this CD, my OS boots without trouble and kexts are loaded.

    I’m using the GPT with the Chameleon V 1.0.10/11 or pcfiv8 but I can not do the HD boot.
    The EFI partition does not appear on the menu of bootloader / darwin.
    If I select the partition of OSX the system loads the kernel but does not load the kexts controller’s disk.

    I think I have to boot the EFI partition. Or is the HFS + partition of OSX.
    The EFI partition does not have to appear on the menu of bootloader?
    I format the EFI partition with HFS + but it does not appear in the list of the menu.

    Yes I also got the famous error ‘ not found’.
    My HD is IDE and the controller is an ATI SB400.

    I created the EFI partition with the same structure that created the initrd.img of my CDboot132,
    simply changed the bootloader and fix the permissions.

    During the startup appears a message that I suspect all be a mistake, but
    I do not have time to read what is written. FEZ, can add a delay or a pause before
    to be charged image? Thank you

    The ZEF has done an excellent job! Thanks … you are the greatest:)

    Continuing a good job and thanks to all …

    A good year 2009 with many good news …

    My apologies! Yes I know … that English is terrible! :)

  81. jacky · 19. January 2009, 08:13 · #

    Hi ZEF,
    why all files on the right side can’t download?
    U put the files into another place or?
    I am trying to install Kalyway a lot of times, but always get the boot issue.

  82. Fox · 29. January 2009, 03:29 · #

    Why is the link for the Jmicron-fixed boot loader broken? When I click it, it just takes me to a white page with a line that says “Hello,” and the name of the file.

    Can you please fix the link?

  83. zef · 29. January 2009, 13:39 · #

    I have no issues with the right side download links.

    What file you’re trying to download?

    We’ve upgraded the site’s core system and maybe it causes the issues…

  84. abc · 31. January 2009, 12:51 · #

    how to download:


  85. william · 10. February 2009, 05:24 · #

    Hi Zef,
    I have problem using the chameleon. Help me~
    My Disk:
    pri partition vista(vista bootloader in mbr)
    pri partition ubuntu(grub in it’s own parition)
    logical 30G for kalyway10.5.2
    logical 6G for kalyway10.5.2 ghost
    logical 6G for ipc 10.5.6 iso restored using kalyway10.5.2

    Currently using easybcd manage the dual-boot. Rename and eplace the tboot with mbr_nts_mac.mbr which is auto created by easybcd, then boot well. But can’t see the ipc10.5.6 disk, in boot selector, the problem is i want to install ipc from it.

    So I went into kalyway10.5.2, using the chameleon installer and install to the ipc partition, oops, can’t boot, seems the vista-bootloader is broken, then I use vista dvd rescue it. And boot in to kalyway10.5.2 again, and fdisk the boot0 to /dev/rdisk0 as readme said, also the vista bootloader broken.
    Please help, I havn’t no idea how to go further. Do we really need to fdisk boot0 to mbr? it there anyway to easily work with chamelon using easybcd? is it a problem that I install the kalyway10.5.2 in a logical partition? ..Because I can’t format the disk when the parition is primary in disk utility..

  86. Bobeee · 25. February 2009, 17:39 · #

    I have used Chameleon before, and it has been great. However somebody prepared a Mac OS X 10.5.6 drive using the boot123 method with original retail disc (i think). And when I cloned this using Super Duper (as I have done before) then installed your bootloader, I could not get the drive to boot. It just got stuck on the grey Apple screen with spinning disc. left for a few hours, but no change.

    Do I need to use the new 10.0.12 version?

    Any other suggestions

    This is being used with a Dell Mini 9

  87. Pete-D · 24. March 2009, 14:31 · #


    I installed osx with standard boot loader, where you just get a dos selection screen, i have installed chameleon with the install pack, but it makes no changes to the start up screen. Please tell me what i am missing. I’ve tried to find a step by step install guide, but can not find one.


  88. Tkg · 13. September 2009, 10:08 · #

    Hi Does it work on iPC 10.5.6?

  89. sudhir · 14. July 2010, 08:21 · #

    hi, i am not able to get the above download can some pls post a link other then repid share as i am not able to use it.

    thanks in advance.

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  383. Kerry · 3. February 2022, 14:40 · #

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  385. Zoe · 3. February 2022, 14:40 · #

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  386. Dannie · 3. February 2022, 14:40 · #

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  389. Corey · 3. February 2022, 14:40 · #

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  390. Lyman · 3. February 2022, 14:41 · #

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  858. Darrell · 3. February 2022, 16:18 · #

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  900. Gabrielle · 3. February 2022, 16:25 · #

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  902. Ellis · 3. February 2022, 16:25 · #

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  910. Angel · 3. February 2022, 16:29 · #

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  913. Seth · 3. February 2022, 16:29 · #

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  915. Chang · 3. February 2022, 16:29 · #

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  926. Enrique · 3. February 2022, 16:34 · #

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  933. Jeffrey · 3. February 2022, 16:34 · #

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  938. Clement · 3. February 2022, 16:34 · #

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  939. Wilford · 3. February 2022, 16:34 · #

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  941. Erasmo · 3. February 2022, 16:35 · #

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  943. Serenity · 3. February 2022, 16:35 · #

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  946. Morton · 3. February 2022, 16:35 · #

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  950. Lindsay · 3. February 2022, 16:35 · #

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  954. Isidro · 3. February 2022, 16:39 · #

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  955. Mia · 3. February 2022, 16:39 · #

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  973. Zachary · 3. February 2022, 16:44 · #

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  987. Randell · 3. February 2022, 16:45 · #

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  991. Bryce · 3. February 2022, 16:45 · #

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  996. Nathaniel · 3. February 2022, 16:45 · #

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  997. Cooler111 · 3. February 2022, 16:45 · #

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  1004. Keneth · 3. February 2022, 16:49 · #

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  1005. Chloe · 3. February 2022, 16:49 · #

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  1010. Roland · 3. February 2022, 16:49 · #

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  1011. Caden · 3. February 2022, 16:49 · #

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  1014. Donnell · 3. February 2022, 16:50 · #

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  1022. Bailey · 3. February 2022, 16:55 · #

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  1023. Mervin · 3. February 2022, 16:55 · #

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  1026. Raymond · 3. February 2022, 16:55 · #

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  1028. Hayden · 3. February 2022, 16:55 · #

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  1192. Zachariah · 3. February 2022, 17:27 · #

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  1261. Angelo · 3. February 2022, 17:40 · #

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